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Club Sandwich

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nibor, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. it's what's for dinner, bitches :grin:
    we didnt have any bacon though :shock: :shock: :shock:
    and i forgot the tomato, had to take it apart and fix it up :LOL:

    what did you have?
    pics or its not true.


  2. Tonight, I had the second one in from the left:


    Twas delicious!
  3. pagan!
  4. It's not a club sandwich unless it has bacon ......... or should that be a BLT? :?

    No camera, so no pics of my dinner, but it was based around smoked salmon.
  5. I made a great chicken caesar salad but this was posted after i finished it so I got no pics :(
  6. Well you only need wait....

  7. But.....


    but it looked too yummy to let it sit....and anyway, the cos would have started to wilt if i waited for Robin to post :p
  8. oooooohhhhhhhhh!!!1.... I thought you were going to be talking about the Bar20 Club Sandwitch :LOL: :-w
  9. why does the 4rth one have no legs?
  10. Because I skin dive for them, and between the wrenching them by hand out of their hidey holes, and putting them in the catch bag with the bigger crays, unfortunately their weak little legs quite often get broken off.

    The little legs aren't worth the trouble of getting the meat out of anyways, so it's no big loss. The tail is where the good stuff is.
  11. goosh i keep telling you to use the toilet, not the wok...

    i like club sandwiches, Dave. but i said i didnt have any bacon, not i want fish :p haha they serve a club sandwich there? or is that a move you picked up at the Blue Oyster?
  12. stir fry brown rice.... it needed a little bit more ginger :cool:
  13. Lamb backstrap on a salad with fetta and yoghurt dressing! mmm yummo it was.
  14. that sounds nice.

    i had .... a nice veal (yes cute baby cow ) stirfry.

    maybe a roast chicken salad tonight
  15. They serve it, in the visual delights aspect only, you cannot dine in, unless you REALLY got your mojo on :LOL:
  16. Maybe not to you. Ah well, I guess by the time they've turned orange they've got bigger problems.

    BTW, Goosh, what IS that you're cookin' up?
  18. Wagyu Beef for me - marbling score 7!!! Thankyou bonus!!! It was that good I felt the need to take a photo of it, can't really make out the fat streaking but it was freakin awesome!