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VIC Club registration

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dirk Gently, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. So my new joy (1979 suzuki gs425) is currently registered as a historic vehicle.. I actually want to ride this bike around, as I understand it I can only ride to a mechanics or a club event. Is this true or are the rumors I heard of a log book to keep record of how much you ride true?

    I would really appreciate any help on this.

  2. log book gives you 90 days riding on club reg, you need to be a member of a vicroads authorised club to get club reg.
    If anyone knows of a club in geelong that will welcome early 80's harley and a suzuki, I'd appreciate the info..
  3. FWIW, I have a vintage car (1930 model A ford). I registered it properly, full normal rego, rather than a club 'historic' type rego. I can drive it when ever and where ever I damn well please. It is basically original, so I have a have a prang I am pretty much screwed in the safety department, but if it meets the requirements of when it was built, full rego is fairly easy to get.
  4. The old rules required going to a "club event".

    New rules allow you 90 days usage a year but with a strict log book requirement. My understanding is get pulled over without your log or withut the log correctly showing you are riding and you can be treated as an unregistered .

    I understand that you need to be a member of a participating club to be eligible and that the club must have a designated officer responsible for administering the scheme within the club. This person should be able to give you all the details

    Can't be f looking but there should be info on VicRoads website.
  5. looking at getting beryl (dads R65) registered with club rego.

    You gotta be a member of a club

    YOu gotta have the the bike Road worthied

    The road worthy certificate has to be sited by a club official in charge of club rego's. The person then gives you a letter certifying that you are a paid up member of the club. This has to be given to vicroads with the application for club rego

    You then get either a 45 or 90 day book. I believe the 90 day book is $127

    you can then ride the bike 90 days in a year. The log book has to be filled out and kept with you ready for inspection if you are pulled over.

    Yes you are treated as unregistered if you dont have the logbook with you or it isnt filled out correctly

  6. Like I said, you might as well get a full rego.
  7. $130 a year for club or $500 odd for full reg, i can put up with a filling out a log book..
  8. Mmmm

    Its a tough call. Thanks everyone.
  9. Probably not if you had a few qualifying bikes.
  10. you also get cheaper insurance and free road side assist according to my dad who put both his xs's on club rego.
  11. you are able to drive in a 5 km radius of your house anytime. But thats NSW
  12. Its 50ks around your house for my club,and any club runs from approved clubs,its a reasonable setup in NSW with wiggle room to enjoy your bike with club approval.The new system in Victoria is 100% better and hopefully will come to NSW soon.If you have a bike that qualifies its a complete no brainier,anything that stops the money gouging for rego and keeps bike on the road is a very good thing
  13. yup zim, I couldnt believe it could be so cheap. On second thouoght I will think I will get a 45 day book ($67). If I get to the end of a 45 day book, I can stump up another $67 to get another 45 days in the same year. Once you get to 90 days though, thats it for the year.

    Im planning to do up my '81 xj550, that way I can get 90 days on that as well, making 6 months rego for $254 a year.......

  14. How much is a standard rego in Vic? WA is only 207.50 for 12 months. Hence I would go for full rego.
  15. Its close enough to $600 give or take,my 3 bikes would be $1800 give ot take and that includes my 250 dirtbike that NOW costs as much as a 750cc and I ride it 3 or 4 times a year.Pisses me off as I also can only ride one at a time but still have to rego all of them all of the time.
  16. Fuck! No wonder so many Vic are coming over to the West. I have 2 bikes, 4 cars and a trailer. Combined cost would be about your $1800. My son also has 2 cars.

    I feel for you guys getting ripped offf like that.
  17. yeah my dads old Mercedes is on club rego. when you think about it, 90 days of the year is quite a lot and even if he drove it every weekend he still would not drive it for 90 days and you save a good $400 a year on rego costs that can be spent on the car/bike :)
  18. SIgh.. I think this is in the right place. And a search gave no obvious hits elsewhere.. but somehow I expect a moderator to jump up and have a go.

    OK I have an old popup Kat that I have owned since near new. Its just about running again but frankly I dont want to pay $670 or so reg for the 1000 km or so it might do a year when I re reg it. So assuming being a member of the Katana forum on Facebook wont do it whats the cheapest and least bothersome way to do a club rego on the old girl?