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Club Racing - VIC

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by SHEPPO, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    Club racing at an entry level, what is out there here in Victoria?

    I've done a couple of track days, and considering getting involved in club racing to get more time on the track, and would like to know where to start.

    I'm by no means a quick rider, or looking to race super competitively, but if there's a catagory i can potter around in and have some fun, then that would be great.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Mate, the Preston Motorcycle Club is the only club you even need to look at. It's run with great dilligence, creativity and spirit by one of our members here, Garfield, and its membership includes such luminaries as JohnnyO and Alex Criville... ;)

    They do heaps of stuff to help you get into the game - the recent race schools at broadford are a good example - and it's supposed to be a far better club than Sandringham, according to MVRog.


    PM JohnnyO, Garfield or MVRog to get the scoop. You'll have a frickin' ball. Enjoy!
  3. Sure is!

    What sort of bike are you riding Dave?

    Interclub would probably be the best way to get started. It's relatively cheaper than other rounds and there are more races throughout the year.

  4. i currently ride a 2004 R1, but this is my street bike and i dont really want to flog it on a weekly basis on the track, so i'm considering buying a track bike to trash ... err i mean, thrash :LOL: also, i'd rather a smaller capacity bike to get up to speed with.

    but until i know what clubs/classes/etc are out there, i will hold off on buying a track bike, as what ever i buy, i'd like it to conform to some sort of catagory so i can go out and race (and come last, hehe) eventually.

    also, i like the sound of practice days!
  5. To kick off on the cheap you could race a 250cc 4-stroke in the clubman class, or formula 3 with 400cc IL4s (hope you're good at making stuff), 250 proddies or twin sprints (4stroke twins up to 650cc).

    These classes have significantly lower ongoing costs than superstock, supersport etc. through reduced tyre costs mainly. That and the fact you don't need to be on the latest and greatest to be competitive.

    Also recommend the Preston Club as a great place to start. There is a Vic titles round on 19th April? that you could have a look at and the first interclub is in early May.
  6. Best way to reduce costs is road race a motard. Take crash damage out of any budget, and it starts to look a LOT better. Better performance than the 250's, on par with the good 400's. Worth a thought anyway.
  7. thanks for the replies guys.

    i'm not interested in racing a motard, dispite their abilities as a corner muncher. i'll be looking to get onto a sports bike.

    the 400cc class looks very competitive, but the cost and lack of parts is a concern to me. the twin sprint class looks very good as entry level class, so will do some more research on this.

    keep the information, suggestions, etc coming, it's all appreciated.
  8. Racing

    I reckon you should buy a road-race sidecar!
  9. I think he wants something cheaper.
  10. If you want cheap racing, I'd say 250cc Production. Just get a 250cc bike, get rid of any unnecessary bits and pieces and off you go. Heaps of parts and easy to fix.

    If you want to spend a little bit more, then I reckon 400cc isn't too bad. I managed to get a VFR400 for cheap...not the best condition, but nothing a bit of TLC and fibreglass can't fix. Not sure on parts as of yet...since I just got it last week. Will find out when the engine/transmission gets rebuilt.

    I am also part of Preston Motorcycle Racing Club...highly recommend and enjoyed the Broadford Race School day :D. Lots learned and heaps of fun. I believe the next one is in November some time.

    phong =P~
  11. thanks for the replies guys.

    looking into a couple of different bikes at the moment. 400cc class, twinsprint, and a 250cc 2 stroke.
  12. Go the 400, I reckon. Plenty of rides. Plenty of competition.
  13. Also plenty of help from other riders if there are issues in the pits. Parts may not be on the shelf, but there definitely are a lot of people who are willing to help fellow 400 racers :D.

    phong =P~
  14. 400's. Great bikes, really quick. Lots of hard, close racing. However, they're expensive (comparatively) and you really need to know what you're doing mechanically. A good 400 will cost you upwards of $5k. Someone tells you that you can get a good one for less than that is telling porkies. Trust me, I bought a lemon and it cost me a lot.

    250's Clubman. Cheap, close racing. Restrictions on what you can do and just about any POS 250 4 stroke will cut it if you're ok with a bike that looks tatty as. The bikes aren't quick, but some of the riders are and the racing can be intense. Bikes tend to be in crappy condition, so expect to spend weeknights fiddling. But the parts are plentiful and servicing simple.

    2-Strokes are great, but fickle as.

    If I was doing this again, I'd either go Supersport (and know I would finish mid field at best). 600's that will get you out there are plentiful. They chew tyres though and if you get quick you'll want new rubber every weekend (or every other, depends on your pace).

    Whatever you budget, it won't be enough. Accept that and move on.

    If you want to take this beyond talk, join PMCC, get your MA licence. Having spent $300 you'll want to actually get moving.

    I miss the racing already, but with my current finances, it's probably best that I'm down there anyway. Somehow I'd find the money to race, but at the expense of everything else.
  15. had a good chat with Dean from dynoverks this morning as my new hoops were being fitted to the R1. he seems to think the 600cc class, racing interclub would be a good place to start, as there's plenty of them out there, and physically i'd be better suited.

    i do like the idea of a 600 more so than any other class, as i can comfortably fit on most older (3+ years old) 600's. being 195cm tall and 90kg means things like a 250cc 4 banger (CBR, ZXR, etc) are all too small!

    the 400cc class would be the smallest i could get on, and even still, modifications to rear sets, seat, clip on's, etc will all be needed to get me to fit.

    more research to do. thanks for all the replies to date, much appreciated.
  16. +1 to Preston club...I was happy with a day I did with them.
  17. #17 Markee, Mar 20, 2009
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    You didn't once own a Liberty RS Turbo did you?

    I'm racing both the Interclubs and the Hartwell series this year on my Aprilia SXV 450 Supermotard.

    At the Interclubs I am put in the Twinsprint (formula 4) class due to owning a v-twin, it really is just a supermotard though.
    I will be asking for a rule adjustment to allow me to ride with the other supermoto's in formula 3 this year.

    At Hartwell I race in the Thunderbike class with about 10 other motards and 10 or so big bore V-Twins and singles!
    Heaps of fun and the motard is plenty fast againt a 1000cc sportsbike around Mac Park, Winton and Broadford. Forget P.I. there just is no use for a motard there!

    Mate in any class on any bike you'll will thoroughly enjoy yourself.
    Like Cejay said budget wisely and the year will be kind to you, budget badly and crash and it will be horrible.

    Devo makes a great point about riding a motard and crashing.
    An example of this happened at Hartwell Round 1 @ Mac Park 3 weeks ago.
    A friend on his ZXR400 crashed on the same corner as I did, I was able to finish off my races on the Sunday but he was not.
    Here's helmut cam footage of my crash! [media=youtube]pSX5IySR7hA[/media]

    Markee #307
  18. very cool. looks like you got it under control. was there any damage?
  19. That's the thing with a motard, stuff all damage.
    A few scratches on the front guard and left hand guard. The bars got a little twisted in the clamps which are easily straightened by undoing the bolts and releasing the tension so the sit in they middle again, then re-tighten.
    I have axle armour aka axle sliders which look after the swing arm and forks.
    Other than a few more battle scars to my leathers that was it!
    Oh yeah and the helmet cam was fine too.
    More vids from all my races that weekend HERE
    Check back there after this weekend as I'm doing a Champions ride day with 20 other motards in the medium group and will have more footage!
  20. In 2 years of racing, countless track days, motocross practice on slicks, and over 40 crashes, my repair bill has come to under $200, when I broke a clutch M/C. I've gone through plenty of bark busters and a few sets of foot pegs as they grind away through general riding, but I consider them consumables.

    I would rather be buying tyres and track time, than fixing fibreglass/levers/rearsets/clipons.