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QLD Club race crash with Vid

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Hondamick, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Some of you might have read a thread I started early this year about my first race weekend.
    I started some club racing on a CBR600rr after doing 5 years of spasmodic track days.
    My progress and speed has improved much quicker than I had hoped.
    Though i seem to be at a small, hopefully temporary plateau I feel like I still have some improvement left in me, hopefully before the end of the year.

    Round 4 of the Sippy Downs SE QLD series was a mixed bag for me.
    I qualified 3rd, which sounds good but a weak field meant there were at least 2 or 3 regulars who would have been significant quicker than me.
    Race 1 I got a good start but lack of concentration had 2 riders come past and I finished in 5th.
    Race 2 was wet. Cracker of a start lead for 7 corners then as the vid shows I decided to test my leathers (they did a great job)
    Race 3 I was somewhat more tentative as I would not have forgive myself for crashing 2 races in a row. I ended up 3rd.

    Enjoy the Video. Bike and rider were fine. Though in slomo you can see the bike actually go over the top of me once we hit the ripple strip.


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  2. balls of steel
    i would even walk around that track with the water on it
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  3. Brilliant!

    I'm jealous as all hell. Living the life you are.
  4. Ha, ha, I just posted this in another thread. I did warn you about turn 7 :)

    How about the full on river at turn 6 :(

    From the sidelines by a friend

  5. Fark. I wouldn't even do it that fast in my car.
  6. Good vid Colonel. River on turn 6 was awesome. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it in warm up.
  7. Your off your head riding in that, glad your ok
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  8. #8 Colonel Coleman, Sep 20, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
    My wet weather riding has served me well. Good thing I went and practiced up Orielly's on the CBR1000RR with ValvolineValvoline and doubled my friend Katie cross city in Wednedays storm in peak hour.

    Between the rain at round 3 and this one, I have jumped from 12th in F4 up to 8th and from 9th in F3 up to 6th. I got my first ever third place, did it twice in fact, beat Simon again twice and to top it all off, I have managed to finish 5th overall in the Queensland Formula 3 championship from 11th place after round 1.

    On track for the goals I set myself at the start of the year.

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  9. Comparatively to later, that was dry enough to run slicks :) HondamickHondamick would testify to the fact that nearly everyone who ventured out had Soooo much fun. It was risky year, but on wets the grip was good. The standing (or should I say running) water as the only issue. Out of 7 down through 8 and 9 was a nightmare. In the last race I slid fully sideways about 1 meter in a split second at about 160kph cranked over going through turn 9 chasing Crashly.

  10. Fark that, I don't even have wet weather gear let alone tyres.
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  11. You were not the only one. Race after this crash I had another few big moments. Entry to turn 7 the rear came around, and though 8 I had a massive 2 wheel drift. After those 2 moments I gave up the chase for 2nd and was happy to finish. They ended up red flagging it 4 laps in as the rain got so heavy it was almost impossible to see though 8 and 9.
  12. Holy crap that was seat gripping stuff - Glad you could get back on it after your whoopsie!
  13. Wow. I love it (not the accident but your skillz).

    If I'm honest with myself, I'll never be doing track days, but I do like to watch people who do. I like your little message at the end of the video :)
  14. Great job Mick!!!!!

    Are you planing to do anything at PI?
  15. Gday Jonnymac.
    Not sure which Jonnymac your are? As there are 2 of you believe it or not......
    Are you the one that parted out the Aprila in Sydney or the one that used to be on Bitchinbitumin Forum with the Green machine running at Broadford??

    Want to get down to PI again. Last time I was well out of my depth with the speed of the place..
    Want to get down again. I almost put my bike on a trailer of a fellow rider of a fellow rider on the weekend who came from Vic as I am really keen to get back to my "home track" at Broadford for the Round 5 Vic series at Broadford this weekend. But the misses would have killed me.

    Bike is in the shop now. Broken frame lug where the rear set fixes to the frame from that crash. Botched it with zip ties for the next race but needs welding. + I need a new helmet.
  16. Yeh BB was me Mick......

    Not sure who the other one was sounds like he was riding on the coattails of my good name lol..
  17. Good to hear it JM. I never trusted that other fake Jonnymac and Im sure hes not as fast as you :)
    Have you been down to Broady for a while. Im really keen to see if I can make it down this year and join the 62s with you. Though Im a bit afraid to push properly on the co-owned R6..
  18. Hiya swoopdown! haha.
  19. Hahahaa. Gday Gizzo. I got to bloody get down to SA and jump off a hill with you one of these days.
  20. Awesome thread mate, love your work in the wet!