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Club Laverda Concours 2012

Discussion in 'QLD' started by TRA, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Club Laverda Concours 2012 - Postponed due to weather

    Hey folks, just a reminder that the Laverda Concours is on this Sunday.


    As usual, the guys have put a massive effort into it this year, with proceeds going to the make a wish foundation.
  2. Hell yes I'll be there and a few mates as well.

    I think it's $5 which includes off street bike parking. Bargain.
  3. With all this rain that we are having, does anyone know if this is still on?
  4. Its still on at this stage.
  5. Apparently they are going to make a call on Friday evening as to whether it is on or not.

    According to my iPhone its raining through saturday fine sunday.

    So I'm a bit worried. My good mate is hopeful it will be on as he buggers off to China the following week - for months !
  6. Hope it goes well,Cosi and the boys put a lot of work into this.
  7. Cosi and a few of the others are heading to cleveland shortly to check out the state of the showgrounds. Fingers crossed it will be all good! They are going to call me as soon as they know, and I will post straight up here.
  8. Thanks that'd be great.
  9. Cheers TRA, yeah I would be woried about the state of the grounds and if they are too waterlogged.

    Keep us updated !
  10. Its officially cancelled :( Grounds are soaked.

    I think the new date has been pencilled in for 12th August but i will confirm that at a later date.