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Cloverfield . . . . . . !!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. So, who will be sucked in by all the media hype and go and watch it this Thurs ???

    Suppose to be some space alien / godzilla destroy NYC genre !
    I reckon its something else with clever marketing !!

  2. Godzilla meets Blair Witch... Hell, I'm in!

    I've been hanging out for this ever since the unnamed trailer dropped. It looks amazing, and advance reviews have been beaut.
  3. + 1,000,000

    I've been all over the net about the trailers. Can't wait.
  4. Might get a Syd NR movie night going then !
  5. I downloaded the bastard the other day...alas..a fake.

    |Guess ill have to go to the cinema.
  6. looks like a jip.

    my money is on sweeny todd. johnny depp, helen bonham carter and sacha baron cohen in a period movie about the serial killer barber. downloaded it almost a week ago, but been working my tits off too much to check it out
  7. If I see one more colour-drenched movie about London in the 19th century, i'll fall asleep again. (1st time was during "From Hell" and then that shithouse magician movie. No, the other one)

    I think you're spot on MickyB, looks like it's a modern Godzilla. Still, I'll check it out. Just not with the other desperate twits :grin:

    EDIT: I just read what looks to be a legit review online. Seems okaaaaaaaay.
  8. Off topic but QuarterWit every time I look at your name I smile, it's very clever.
  9. Thanks Davo... I think I'm worse than a half-wit, but hey.

    You're the first person to notice too!
  10. There are some good kick arse movies coming out this year, namely Hellboy2, Ironman, Hancock. And this one - http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/wanted/wanted_medium.html

    . . . there is just something seductive about Angelina Jolie firing a 9mm ! :grin:

    QW ! You don't like going to see movies on premiere nights ??
    I thought that black leather threnchcoat you have made appearances on the release of the Matrix and Blade movies ! And the geeky Stormtrooper outfit !! . . . and when you went to see Schindlers List, you came in PJs to resemble . . . . ooops, too much info ! :LOL:
  11. Hahaha, you're a bastard!

    Nah, I'd rather skip opening nights! Thought the Schindlers list idea is a good one...
  12. can't wait to see cloverfield, hope it's a cthulu movie!
  13. 7:30pm session
    Fox Studios
    . . .tonight

    A few of us are see it, review later on tonight.
  14. Now that you mention it I had heard rumor of a cthulu movie in the making...
  15. I can categorically state it's not about chtulhu.

    New scary monster altogether.
  16. yeah, its a mutated lobster like thing . . . similar to the one in Relic !

    . . . . apparently !

    I still reckon its something different altogether.
  17. A friend dragged me to see it today.. he was paying so I really couldn't complain :LOL:

    I hadn't heard about the hype but saw the trailer the other day when I saw a different film. I can say that it is definately not a cthulhu film, which is sad in one way, although I think that they would have watered it down and made it rather un 'lovecraftian' if they did make it.

    Cloverfield was what I imagined it to be from watching the trailer- lots of handicam, cool effects, and unanswered questions. More of a rollercoaster ride than a film. I prefer a bit more substance myself but it was a bit of fun. As long as you can handle constant shaky handicam and not a lot of answers or depth then it is worth a viewing.
  18. Not the first person to notice :) I just never mentioned anything, though it makes me smile every time I smile - it's sweet and subtle.
  19. thank god for that, hollywood have never made a decent Cthulhu movie and probably never will, some of them have been the worst tripe ever commited to celluloid,

    now 'The call of Cthulhu' by hp lovecraft historical society is excellent, but that is made by fans for fans

    (and yes i love my Cthulhu)

  20. Well, I've seen it and I still don't know what it is :LOL: Excellent high-budget student film :p