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clothing malfunction

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sez, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. hey guys,
    just about to leave uni today and my jacket zip breaks. Not only am i left figuring out what to do i have it on the the zip is done up halfway and jammed. (you know the ones where the split from the bottom) The only way to get my jacket off was over my head which made me look like a doofus. Then realising that my zip is buggered i had to pull it back on again. I rode in busy peak hour traffic with my broken jacket hoping that today more than anything those cage drivers on their phones didn't knock me off

    has this happened to anyone else?
  2. F*cken oath it has. Get it fixed with a YKK and all will be good.
  3. Gaffa tape FTW eh Lozzo?
  4. Gaffa, safety pins, none of which work.
    It's happened to just about everyone ;)
  5. YKK is your friend. If you were in the 'Gong, I'd recommend Mode Leathers. They fixed the zip in my leathers for under $50.
  6. Next jacket you buy, I bet you check the quality of the zipper first :LOL:
  7. some clothing alteration stores can fix zips. I got mine repaired for like $15 and its been perfect ever since
  8. Worth noting that all dianese products have lifetime zip replacement on them
  9. I noticed that this happens to my jacket occasionally if I don't have the "insertion pin" snuggly in the "retainer box" (thanks wikipedia) of the zip before pulling on the tab. If they're not set together and I yank the zip up quickly, the zip will close up but I can pull it apart from the bottom up.
  10. didn't know that, thanks dude ....
    (really should rtfms etc ......)
  11. I see Loz was the first reply to this subject…
    You were hoping on pics weren’t you mate [​IMG]
  12. No probs.

    Was one of the many reasons I chose Dianese, that and it looks good! :)
  13. My, what a pretty wink you have, FL.
  14. Mine broke about 3 months ago.

    Dainese fixed it for me no problems.

    Was a pain in the ass though!
  15. Can I ask how you actually got Dainese to fix it?
    Contact their distributor in au?
  16. Gaffer tape works fine as long as you wrap it round rather than just sticking a vertical length over the zip.

    Of course, then you've got to get the jacket off.............
  17. Unfortunately gaffer won't help me.

    The "retaining box" has come off my pants, so they can no longer stay zipped to my jacket, see bottom-right of this diagram, part 11:

    2 places (cobbler, alteration) I've been to say it's unrepairable, requiring replacement of the entire zip, which sounds crazy as it looks very much like you could just crimp on a replacement part :-(
  18. Put on a singlet and some sunnies and ride out into the sun set :D
  19. thanks dude that's ..... that's great ....
  20. Mate i very much doubt that's available as a replacement part.

    The way i see it, you either anti up the cost of replacing the zip, or you lose the ability to have a zip together suit.

    I don't know which side of town you live in, but have a chat to Katcando who does leather repairs and is a site partner. She is now situated at http://www.sixtydegrees.com.au/ in Notting Hill.

    I needed to have a top and bottom zipped together that didn't have the option before. And she did a great job for a good price, try her out.