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Clothes / Boots for tall and large rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Blaine, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. G'day,

    After a many years hiatus from bikes, jumping back in head first.

    I'm 6'5 and large (150k) and what I used to wear prior to her fattening me up for the kill just ain't gonna work no more.

    Can anybody recommend anyone who does custom leather jackets in Sydney? I'm a 6x in shirts in a shop and guess I'd be roughly the same in jacket but I don't want to guess, I want someone to do it professionally.
    Or, can anyone recommend a jacket company that has large jackets off the rack? Is the Dri-Rider 5xl a generous fit?

    I'm also a size 15/16 shoe. What are the chances of finding a boot suitable for riding, off the rack?

    Anyone who's been there and done it, it'd be great to hear from you. If I was in Vic I suspect I'd have a lot more choices available. Hey also, the tigerangle site fails to load for me www.tigelangel.com.au fails to load for me. Is the site down?


  2. Howdy, cant help you with any places in Sydney, but try http://www.tigerangel.com.au/ as apposed to the link you had :)
  3. I'm a similar size to you (height, weight and shoe size...) so I know your problems in getting gear!!!

    You should be able to get a pair of Alpine Star "Roam"s (generic waterproof boot) in your size without a problem (I take the same size at you, and they fit me - a 48 in their sizing).

    I also got a jacket at Mars Leathers off the rack (a "60" in their sizing - largest on the rack) which is a lovely fit, and comfy - very fond of my jacket. With the amount of cows it must have taken to make, I reckon I'm well protected! :) Mars is a melbourne-based store, but they do mail order.

    The only lingering problem I've found has been to find a pair of leather pants in my size - NO store has those on the rack. Don't know if you're looking for such things though. I DID get some Draggin Jeans off the shelf without trouble though.

    Best of luck in getting what you need.

  4. Thanks heaps. I'd sort of spoken to Mars and knew they could do it but I was hoping for something more local. At worst though, methinks a quick one day visit to Mel. may be a worthwhile, though more costly, solution. Especially if I can get basically all I need at the one shop.

    Thanks again

  5. Ahh make it a nice coastal ride, get a group ride going, makes it all the more fun :)
  6. Blaine, welcome to the forums
  7. Good excuse for a holiday to Melbourne Blaine. :)

  8. Thanks for the welcome all. Alas style and my build is often an impossibility but yes, you're right. Hence my shopping around first (here), looking at my possibilities.

    Given the range of off the shelf bikes suitable to a larger build person nowadays, it strikes me as odd that no one store in this city has decided to specialise, or at least let it be known that, amongst standard fit clothing and accessories, they do/can cater for Godzilla's, King Kong's and other unusual body configurations. I think they'd be surprised at the response.

  9. With stores like Kingsize Menswear (WA), High & Mighty (VIC), etc - its surprising that less of the "super-size" gear is available. Particuarly given that few of the "bikies" (or stereotypical images thereof) are average size.

    Having said that, with so much of the high-end leather gear being tailor-made anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to shop "off the rack" with only minor degrees of difficulty.