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Closing Significant Roads For Runs, Marathons, Etc

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. …should never, ever happen. Jesus christ we've got 7.7 million square km of land area in the country and these taintnuzzlers can't go jog somewhere that doesn't require closing half the damned roads near my home and inconveniencing thousands of people?

    So yeah, a giant "fcuk YOU" to City2Sea, Run for the Kids, and so on.
  2. This was you as a kid, right?
  3. I can't prove it wasn't.

    But in all seriousness it's a giant pain in the ass. I ended up getting off my bike and pushing it three blocks because it was faster to do that right through the middle of their retarded little parade of lame than it'd have been to ride around all the traffic they caused by closing the roads.
  4. The detour they had at Elwood was a mess. They didn't change the traffic light sequence so two lanes of traffic were squeezed into a right hand turn lane that lets a couple of cars through every few minutes.
  5. The detour they had at Elwood was a mess. They didn't change the traffic light sequence so two lanes of traffic were squeezed into a right hand turn lane that lets a couple of cars through every few minutes.
  6. You get used to it if you live Bayside - during summer Beach Rd seems to be closed on average once a fortnight for some triathlon or other. A good knowledge of side streets is key.
  7. My son-in-law ran that mini marathon today, I'll pass on your good wishes...:whistle:
  8. Yeah it is the area I grew up around and I try to avoid Beach rd like the plague during the warmer months. Constantly a nightmare with closures, diversions, cyclists and random pedestrians running out from between cars to get to the beach.
  9. I don't mind the random cyclists and pedestrians, but the closures of Beach Rd are a PITA. It happens way too often to engender good will - geez, it's a public road ffs, and some of the rest of us would like to enjoy it without having to pull out a damn compass to figure out how to get somewhere 'cause sure as hell they don't put any detour signs up.
  10. Lets close both Spurs for a motorcycle only event. :)
  11. Motorcycle Awareness Week

    should close Spurs, Old Pac, 10 Mile @ putty, GOR etc for motorcyclists only
  12. That's him now.

    One should never be afraid to take the 'sidewalk' where needed.
  13. We tried to do GOR road a few weeks ago, got to the end of the Geelong freeway, only to find, GOR road closed due to cycling event, so we thought, no problem, we'll take the back way into apollo bay, some good roads there. So we set off, ride all the way to Deans Marsh and the road is coned off, and closed, due to the same event. fcuking cyclists! Rode 300km without a single corner!
  14. If it was Oct 13th, then it was probably for the Warnie (Melbourne-Warrnambool Cycling Classic).
  15. I concur!

    fcuk all the runs here in Sydney too. :poop:
  16. Fun Run

    Now that's an oxymoron
  17. Friggin bikes on the GOR. Shouldn't be allowed. Same as caravans and buses. Grrrr.
  18. Nah it was earlier. september i think
  19. We used to live in a Rural Suburb about 30 Mins outside of Cairns, and the Cairns based Triathlon club used to love holding it's Monthly Triathlon along the Road leading into the Suburb (You turned off the highway and drove along a small road for about 5 km's to reach the Suburb, about 40 to 50 Homes on Acreage blocks) They used to put up signs and block the road, I had to work on Weekends so I used to get regularly blocked by there Volunteers from getting into or out of the area. They never got Council or Police permission do block traffic, they used to just turn up at 6am and proceed to put up there little signs and orange witches hats and declare the road closed for the day.

    I could go on for Pages about the arguments and fights that used to erupt between the locals and this mob, If I was on the bike I would ride past there little road block middle finger raised high, if it was raining and I took the Ute, they would stop me, I used to explain I live in the area and I am going home/going out, they would not let me through, so I drove over there signs and witches hats and went on my merry way (all the while being very cautious of Riders or Runners)

    My favorite though was one weekend they parked a car across the road (no doubt tired of the locals running over there "Road Closed" Signs and Orange Traffic Cones) heading off to work quite early this particular Sunday I was the 1st one to strike the road block, I asked them 3 or 4 times to move the Car, they refused, I couldn't go around the car as the road dipped away quite steeply on each side of the one lane road. I went back home and called the Police, The local copper turned up (I went back to the "Road Block") he asked them again to move the car, they again refused, he said to move it or he'll move it using his 4wd, it got moved quite promptly. Then the fine book came out, in the 20 mins I stayed and watched (I was late for work but it was worth staying back a bit later that day to make up the time!) he handed out about 7 or 8 tickets, Some very unhappy helpers that day!