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Closest twisties to Melbourne CBD?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by breakz187, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. As per the ,title really. Wanna go for a ride right now, but dont want to go all the way up to Eildon...

  2. Black Spur, complete with 80kph speed limit and an unbroken white line from top to bottom???
  3. Olinda, Belgrave etc. some good roads down that side.
  4. Has to be The Dandenongs. About 40km east of the CBD - use the Eastern freeway and exit at Mountain Highway. Go to The Basin, then ride up Mountain Highway to Sassafras - best 6km uphill ever (well almost). Turn left at the "T" and head to Olinda. At Olinda, sharp right at the shops and go all the way down to Monbulk. Right at the bottom and you will then be on the best small valley road ever, only about 4km long but will take you to Kallista. Then either straignt ahead down to Belgrave and head home, right up the hill again or left to The Patch and do the Monbulk run again. The Dandenongs are made for motorbikes - watch out for tree debris on the road and the occasional damp patch on a dry day (in the gullies).

    Or a short ride on The Boulevard in Kew - only a short ride!

    Best to find some time and ride out past Warburton to the Reefton Spur, a 21km uphill twisy delight. best of all, keep going to Marysville and then to Healesville, across The Black Spur!!
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  5. Thanks a tonne for all these suggestions! Im heading to The Dandenongs right now!

  6. How did you like it mate? It's my own little backyard! :D
  7. But don't speed up there! That's where the cops hide in the bushes, wearing cam's, and they radio through to highway patrol cars/bikes and get them to pull you over a bit further down the road...
  8. Hey @danny_tb , curious for myself , is that the black only or both spurs ? And is it mainly weekends / public hol's or anytime ? I'm from Adelaide but always try to get in a run up there when I'm over that way .
  9. Buy a moated and your nearest 'twistie' is your neighbours front lawn
  10. The road from Macedon township up to the top of Mt. Macedon is a good ride and not too far from Melbourne and there is a nice pub/cafe up the top to have lunch at.
  11. If it's a road with "spur" in its name, or one of the roads going to a road with "spur" in its name, you're likely to go past a camera or a cop somewhere. Weekdays are a bit less likely to get pinged than weekends/holidays, but from now until it starts going into winter, there's quite a bit of Highway Patrol presence...
  12. ^^ Cheers for that mate . Hoping to get over there again soon if $$$ allow .
  13. So you're that prick next door :mad:
  14. I'll light the BBQ
    You bring beer !