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Closest thing to flying

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. And no, Nickers, your 3-dimensional motorways do not count.

    Taking off



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  3. Thats prety cool, never seen that before. (The video)
    Comments are quite funny
  4. Hey Lilley what's the cost involved for a tandem flight? I'm thinking a jump with the GoPro in a chest harness might make for some interesting viewing?
  5. dunno got it as a present. google sydney hang gliding centre or warrens windsports. they are the two main groups that operate there.
  6. Cool thanks - won't ruin your present but it's quite reasonable for a 30-minute joyflight...
  7. Lilley,
    That's awesome mate ! What a fantastic present. That is what I call REAL flying (y)
  8. yeh mate, it was so different to flying a plane. The plane was pretty cool, but up that high you have so much room around you to move and no way to gauge a sense of speed, it really did feel a bit like 3-dimensional motorway driving after a while, particularly just going straight without any 5g turns.

    Hang-gliding didnt have any 5g turns either, but we were only 20-30 metres above the tree canopy most of the flight, and often still below the top of the hill, and flying with an eagle on our wing half the time. Being that close to everything meant there was still a sense of perspective. The other difference was that the glider was so much lighter and more agile compared to the plane, which I liked.
  9. Truly inspiring bud ! Met a fellow colleague early on in the flying game who was madly into hang gliding, never thought much of it back then. It seems the older I'm getting the more risks I find myself taking (isn't it supposed to be the other way around ??? :) ) so might look into something like this at some (further risky) stage of my life...

    Having an eagle soaring beside your wing...mate, that's magical ! That would have to be as close to nature & bonding with a formidable, swift & deadly aerial hunter as it gets !

    Closest I got to an eagle was flying a mailrun in the outback (Cessna 210), circa 1996 - I thought I was about to eat some bird (pardon the pun, you filthy minded lot !!!) any moment through the perspex windshield..didn't have time to break right/left whatsoever, but again, the eagle proved its prowess by adjusting its 'ailerons' much much quicker than I ever could resulting in a 'near miss' (always found that expression confusing)...How the eagle dodged the spinning propellor ahead has me baffled to this day. Obviously, a mathematician at that with Pythagoras' theorem its strong point, as well as expert piloting skills by adjusting for wind drift :)

    I was extremely lucky that day. Apart from being alive to tell this story (thanks again to the eagle's agility) I also got to look into his eyes - that's how close it got !

    I'll never forget that day.
  10. I've had a few jollies in C-130s, Caribou and a Blackhawk, but none of them rivalled the feeling of being 3000 feet up, under a silk canopy listening to your own heartbeat!
    Eye-contact with an eagle through perspex sounds "exhilirating" too though...
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    Funny thing about that. I wasn't expecting it to be particularly adrenal, and it wasn't. It really was quite peaceful, relaxing etc. I expect you could go a bit more extreme with parachuting, high G spinning dives heading straight down at the ground and the like. Try that to much and the parachute can stall though. [media=youtube]9KFfLFgiSC4[/media]
  12. I fly paragliders, the other flying sport to hangies. Each sport (like anything) has it's ups and downs (no pun intended), but for ease and portability, paragliding can't be beaten.
  13. Microsoft Flight Sim?
  14. Speaking of Microsoft Flight Sim, apart from it being an excellent product for pilot enthusiasts worldwide, it also proves itself admirably as a 'tool' for qualified pilots in keeping up to date with procedures, overhead panels, emergency drills etc.

    I used to have the B747-400 & later B777 add-ons which was fantastic toward my initial/recurrent training whilst operating those types. I now have the A330/340 downloaded - without having access to a real-time simulator (unless someone is keen to pay around $1,000/hour to hire one !) this is the next best thing.

    Microsoft Flight Sim has a vast range of aircraft one can learn to fly, from Cessna upwards to A380 - wouldn't surprise me if Space Shuttle was made available also.
    The best part ? Very affordable, comprehensive (manuals included) and fun ! Oh, and you can add any/as many aircraft to your 'library' as you see fit.

    Technology...where would we be without it ?

    I can vouch for Microsoft Flight Sims (y)
  15. I had that joy in a glider at a gliding club in Bachelor NT,had a wedgetail over the top of the canopy looking down at us..must have thought he encountered a giant sliver bird that eats people.
    Hawks and eagles marked out thermals for you...some of those were massive and violent,gliding can look so peaceful from on the ground,the reality is it can be hot and very turbulent.

    @ Nickers,
    Yup MS flight sim is pretty convincing,you can download terrain,cities and country airstrips in FS..to the point where you can fly vfr and recognize local landmarks.
    I cant do what you do for a living though....I can lay in the icao's for where I want to go into the gps, announce "cabin crew,arm doors and cross-dress!" start her up ,get clearance , launch and clean up , climb and cruise for a few minutes....and then the aerobatics begin :D "If you look out to your left, you'll notice were are now inverted and climbing"
  16. Those turbulent thermals in a paraglider......that's some scary she-it right there!

    Spincter puckering moments aplenty.

  17. Hahahaha !!! (y)
  18. I haven't explored recent MS Flight Sims much, but the older ones are good fun, but too much of an arcade game for me. They can be pretty realistic in so far as what the instrument panel looks like, or how well a particular aeroplane glides, but they don't model real aircraft behaviour all that well.

    Knickers - how many aircraft have you flown where you can release the brakes and advance the throttle, then ignore all the controls (including the rudder) until the aircraft naturally lifts and begins to climb at its happy speed in perfect trim, perfectly on course, with no need to correct for wind, torque reaction, random deviation of any kind? Hands up anyone who's flown a glider. In Flight Sim (and every other computer flight simulator I've used) you can go from straight and level into a moderately serious turn, and back, without touching the rudder, and without the ball rolling around one mm. Try that one in a real glider and see where you end up. Real gliders are flown with small and gentle movements of the stick, with your thumb and forefinger - and the full strength of your leg and thigh on the rudder - all the time. Some aircraft models support stall behaviour like one wing stalling and not the other, leading to snap rolls and what not, but most just seem to loose the will to fly, and gently nose over in a perfectly straight line, wings level, and resume controlled flight on their own while you finish packing your bong. Not what usually happens in the real world. I have never seen a sim model emulate stall buffet or transonic buffet yet. Spawned my beloved Citation X at 100,000 ft last night and dived it at mach 4. Landed safely. Don't think that'd happen either. The same plane (in real life) is prone to wing strike at higher angles of attack, on take off and landing, because of the very sharply swept wing. Yet in the game I can crab it around on one wheel to my heart's content. The games doesn't distinguish between a wheel running along the ground and a wingtip. Wish I had a boss like that. The sim I use now (FlightGear) supports bad weather and visibility - but when you ask for worst case everything and zero vis - you can still catch sight of the runway lights from over two miles out at a thousand feet. That isn't bad visibility. It isn't even close. You can dial up a thunderstorm, but there's no turbulence, no up or downdrafts, no microburst, no windshear.... WHAT THUNDERSTORM??? Is there a flightsim anywhere that actually models the dynamics of a spin correctly? And why-oh-why am I doomed to black out from excessive g at only 4 g? What's the point of having a Zirkov Edge 540 if the lights go out every time you pull more than 4 g?
  19. Knickers - how many aircraft have you flown where you can release the brakes and advance the throttle, then ignore all the controls (including the rudder) until the aircraft naturally lifts and begins to climb at its happy speed in perfect trim....

    I'm pretty sure I'd receive nervous looks, followed by ear bashing if allowing the A330 to lift off on its own. Truth is, it would continue straight ahead and off the runway (at mass velocity) if nothing was done - heavy machines need a flight control input to make them 'move'...

    I used to love flying the Cessna 206 during my 'Outback' days. Biggest thrill I used to get with that machine was lifting off with '0' knots airspeed showing...thanks to the lovely lift-producing (STOL) aerofoil. Had I not made any input (apart from right rudder) the thing would very happily lift off once sufficient lift was created.

    What's the point of having a Zirkov Edge 540 if the lights go out every time you pull more than 4 g?

    Are you wearing your G suit during your flight sim sessions mate ? Huh ?! :D

  20. I have downloaded a PC9 in Roullette colours for FS..I often find my quads flexing and abs tightening up while sustaining tight turns..knife edge around Syndey's Center Point tower..constant 4 G pull :.D Pratice your anti G straining manuvres to prevent blackouts..or just disable blackout/red-outs in the setings menu!