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Closest one yet

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DirtyWizard, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Hi all this is the first 5min of the first video Ive ever done with my new gopro 2. I'm not intending on using it all the time just for fun.

    I've been riding for about a year and a half and I've ridden this part of the Dandenongs quite a few times. I cut the video where it ends because there are quite a few choice words said immediately afterwards.

    I did target fixate a bit and you can tell by watching the white line on my left as the bike moves away from it, but I forced myself to look away and through the corner and I'm pretty sure thats why I didn't hit the car in the end. All skills I learned from netrider cornering posts and practice.



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  2. That's pretty common - you'll see a lot worse than that in your two-wheeled life. Take every corner expecting worse.
  3. Pretty close...you avoided it so well done! ;)
  4. Really difficult to tell what vision you had in that vid and the cnr might have not given you much vision but I reckon you held out too wide for a bit too long.
    Not excusing the car cutting the line but you have to expect that.

    Sometimes I reckon it's safer with some corners to just back right off and hog the left at a reduced speed.
  5. Thanks Sherlock, I reckon your probably right. It did happen pretty quick I saw the car looked away and it was done. I'm a little shocked that the car keeps on coming further into my lane after they must have spotted me though. Pretty poor driving.

    I have to admit I really cannot understand why anyone would cut a blind corner. On my way to the black spur in a 100k zone once a 4wd ute came over a crest round a corner completely in my lane 200m and I would have been a hood ornament.
  6. Cheers Matt, definitely a lesson learned. I have seen worse but from a greater distance than this.
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    A couple of weeks ago I was riding the Bullet through Chum Creek Road and, despite my very slow pace on that bike, I caught up to a Sunday driver doing about 30kph. Around every single corner he would, from the entry point onwards, take a third of the other lane all the way around. A short straight opened up and despite my pathetically slow bike I decided it was possible and safer to get past him. As I overtook he wandered across and started to drive in my lane, and would have pushed me off the road if I hadn't honked, and which point he displayed a startled face and jerked back into his own lane.

    I have to say, the worst offenders in my experience have been other riders. There's nothing more frightening than seeing a mouth-breather who's overcooked a corner into your lane and is now target fixating on you. The last one even had his feet off the pegs, doing a wobble, with a very heavy Harley pointed at me.
  8. They are going to do that but worse they are more likely to do it on a tight blind corner where you might not see them coming in time.
    They teach you in learners to take a deep entry and a late apex with max vision but that vision may not be enough and you end up in the head zone.
    You could treat that corner like it is only 1/2 or 2/3 the width it is and base your line on that.
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