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Closest call I have had.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Riding home from work yesterday arvo, outbound on the Westgate, take the Kororoit Creek Rd exit, right over bridge, left at the Westside Tavern and the go through the roundabout onto Old Geelong / Sayers Rd. As I go through the roundabout I see a flash of green in my mirror and then watch as a car comes straight through the intersection, gets airborn straight over the top of the roundabout, dirt and crap fliing everywhere.

    I keep riding thinking to myself "did I actually just see what I thought I saw?", I did a U-turn at the next roundabout to go back and make sure that the driver is ok, it could have been a elderly person or someone with kids in the car etc. I get back to the roundabout and the car is pulled over on the left hand side of the road out the front of the Westside hotel. There was a young guy, prolly not more than 19 under the front of the car trying to clear crap out from under the front and trying to fix what is left of the front spoiler / bumper.

    Flip up the visor - "you ok mate?", says he is ok, so I ask him what happened, he tells me that he lost his steering, I ask him "did you lose your brakes too?" He looks at me with a blank look on his face. I tell him that if I was 2 seconds later through the roundabout he would have killed me, I tell him that he must have doing 60 or 70kph when he came through the roundabout and the steering excuse was bullshit. Then I ask him, "so what was it, texting on the mobile or changing the cd?", he goes a shade of crimson that I have never seen and then starts muttering an apology etc.

    I ask him if he needs any help but says he is ok, I tell him that my family is looking forward to Christmas and the holidays and his probably is as well and that he could have ruined it for both our families. I tell him to take it easy and be more alert when he is driving, particularly during this time of year and if he is on unfamiliar roads. We wish each other a Merry Christmas and I am on my way.

    It wasn't until later when I was having dinner with the family and telling my wife about it that I realised just how close I had came. Hopefully the guy will learn something from it.

    Be careful out there guys and girls.

  2. So what was it??

    Sms'ing or changing cd?
  3. Wow, very lucky indeed. Buy yourself a lotto ticket :)

    I think a call to the police to pay this guy a visit and also give him a reminder the same as yours would not be unwarranted. At the very least they will have it on record in case he is, or becomes, a repeat offender.
  4. lucky..glad nothing happened

    did it have sick rims?
  5. wow reading that sent shiver down my back .
    You took that sisuation really different to me . When i have come to a close call my stomach drops and i wanna chuck
  6. You are probably right Jason, I noted his rego, I might give them a call.

    Eve - it was a rhetorical question, he understood what I meant.

    Hammered - at the time I guess I was a bit more concerned that the driver / occupants were ok, and it happened behind me rather than it front of me, I wouldn't have known what hit me, I did feel a little sick about it after having time to think about it.
  7. Good way to handle the situation Simon. You're a better man than me for keeping your cool.
  8. i know it was...
    I just like cliff hangers.

    That round about has cars coming off the freeway - so he's lucky there wasnt incoming traffic... How do u loose control on that one anyway - its 2 lanes wide -

    Anyway - i'm with Port - the adrenaline and the shock would have made me loose my cool.
  9. Minimal experience and a couple of tonnes worth of metal to throw around....

    Consequences are too often an afterthought... :cry:
  10. I have no idea how he lost it, my best guess was simply not paying attention...phone texting or whatever, saying the he had lost his steering didn't cut it for me because he had not washed off any speed.

    The adrenaline / shock thing didn't really hit me until I started thinking about what could have happened if I was a second or so later through the roundabout, I am not sure that I would have seen him coming, and if I had there would not have been any time to react.
  11. Google linky

    The kid was so not watching where he was going or what he was doing.

    Have a great xmas Simon.
  12. Very lucky indeed. Your guardian angel obviously wants you to have a Merry Christmas :)
  13. So on that google view, which direction were you coming from and which was he?

    Edit: Ok so he'd taken the exit heading the opposite direction on the freeway and come straight through the roundabout at right angles behind you just as you'd exited?
  14. After reading this again, I certainly hope you do. I wish it had been done at time, so they could come to the scene. The guy might just get a verbal warning from them, or get a fine for dangerous driving. Either way, it always heart wrenching to hear about riders or families that are hurt and killed by drivers like this who pay no attention on the road. As you say, if not for just a few seconds, it could have very well ended up like this with not just a rider, but also a family, severely affected.

    I have no compassion for drivers that behave this way, even if it a mistake and they are remorseful. By allowing it to happen without repercussions means we 'immunise' ourselves against it and allow it to become a common occurrence, and then have little recourse when it affects are felt.
  15. Correct, on that map he was coming from the south and I entered from the North East, by the time I got back he was pulled over out the front of the pub (just to the north).

    Thanks Rob, same to you and your family.

    The more I think about it, the luckier I think I am. I am not ready to leave my kids fatherless.

    I didn't think about it much at the time James, I was kinda concerned for the driver / occupants, once I knew they were ok I had my rant. It wasn't until I rode away and started thinking about what had happened that it dawned on me just how close it was.

    Merry Christmas to all and please, stay safe.
  16. Similar thing happend to my syster-inlaws sister. She ran a red and got t-boned but a truck. Very Lucky the truck was taking of from the light all she had was a few bruises.

    Ohh god i cant belive that i didnt see the light change red. I asked the same question so was it changing the cd or sms on the mobile. She was nice a bright red and left it at that.