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Closer to the Edge - TT3D

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by minglis, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. I took my daughter to the movies last night for her birthday. This was one of the trailers:

    I hope it comes with sub titles!!
  2. Yup seen that a week or so ago, looks great
  3. When and where is what I need to know
  4. coming to the cinema ... according to the hoyts site in October or something.
  5. we must organise a netrider cinema meet and watch this
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  6. i'd be in that.
  7. where at? knifepoint err highpoint?
  8. haha, yeah im down for knifepoint. If we come with our bikes we should be safe...watergardens is also good if its screening in hoyts
  9. Sweet, last time this thread came up it didn't look like any cinemas would be showing it.

    Can't wait to see it.
  10. All those people falling over with their popcorn...
  11. thankyou Hoyts.
    should book a cinema screening for netrider.
    and then alll go for a ride and try and be just like them:)

    highpoint is Knox right ?
    if so +1
  12. I will be looking for when this is coming with keen interest.

    Maybe we should launch a flash mob to ask about it, simultaneously at every hoyts in melb?

    Would get them talking about it wouldnt it!
  13. im down for this............but you mexicans have to come up lol :p
  14. Ok, I think I'll make an EOI thread about this if we're good with highpoint. Go for a ride then watch it or the other way round.

    Not quite, highpoint is in maribyrnong.
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  15. I hope they do something like that ^^ here in Melbourne.
  16. Icon are trying to line it up as we speak. Cam is away racing atm so it's not easy to lock him in.
  17. Brilliant. I'm in for sure.