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Close...very very close

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by xsploder, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. My daughter and I went for a quick ride yesterday afternoon down the Old Princes Highway and back. Just a quick run down to Bulli, so she could see try out her new exhaust.

    As we rode south on the Princes Highway, just after Old Bush Road at Yarrawarrah - she saw two young blokes in a commodore behind her. They were blowing kisses and gesticulating at her. She was behind me in lane 2. Now get this...up ahead, a van was parked in lane 1. An old bloke in front of me had moved into lane 1, realised the van was there, then did a no look move back into my lane. No dramas there.

    At that point, I looked in my left mirror. The commodore that had hitherto been behind my daughter, had surged into lane 1 and had drawn alongside her - I could see they were both looking at her and waving/smiling etc. Only problem - you guessed it - they didn't see the van. The commodore slammed into the arse of the van, pushing it up onto the gutter. :censored:

    My girl later told me that they as they were going past her on her left, both the driver and passenger were looking at her, and not the road. She saw what was going to happen and and tried to nod, and twisted the wrist to put some space between her and the impact of the two cars, and any debris that may have speared out into her lane. Smart girl. I saw all this unfold in seconds in my mirror. My sphincter was twitching, thinking she may have been caught up in the impact. Thank god she wears a bright pink helmet...I could see it in my mirrors.
  2. you only see that in the movies mate. The clowns weren't hurt I hope, and have learnt a valuable(and expensive) Lesson.
  3. Really, really not cool.

    At least the twats in the dunnydoor got what they deserved.
  4. Man, go 1.5km down the road and another idiot not looking wiped out a motorcyclist. Sounds like you were in the 80 zone? Those twats are lucky...at that speed I am surprised they aren't dead.

    Mind you, unless the Van had his hazards on and a safety sign up (Why the **** would he stay in lane 1?) chances are they will be paying their own costs.
  5. No, it was the 70 zone south of the intersection of Old Bush just as you get back into the built up area...van was parked and unattended in lane 1. They were carted to hospital. Inattention. As I saw it unfolding in those couple of seconds in the mirror, I honestly thought he would make a desperate swerve into lane 2 and hit my girl. ****.
  6. I know where you are talking about, just after the start of the 70 zone and the left lane splits into two? Glad she is still here with us. It could have easily turned nasty.

    Did you end up making it down the highway?
  7. Glad for you both they didn't swerve into her lane, some people just aren't ready for a licence, unfortunately today 1 of them was near you and your daughter
  8. Yeah we did the ride. She was fine. Wasn't spooked at all. Was a nice little ride. Pulled in at Sublime Point and on the way back went for a quick putt up Darkes Forest Road to the riding ranch, where she spent many hours riding a different kind of horse lol

    Bloody stupidity and inattention....](*,)
  9. You should give yourself a pat on the back for the good job you've done teaching your daughter to keep a level head in extremis.
  10. I just re-read what I typed lol 8-[ :bolt:

    She's doing really real. She went for her first "solo" ride yesterday afternoon. Just a quick blat around the local streets. Next step is getting her to Homebush on a Saturday, once her uni exams are over, then onto a course similar to HART. Going to take her over to Shark Park and use the car park there to practice slow riding too.

    I think the fact she goes down to Wakefield Park and races her car with her car club has helped a shit load. It's given her a sense of where she is on the road, timing etc.
  11. I predict quite a turnout on that day :angel:

    Fun Ha!
  12. Good to hear everything turned out well.....perhaps the guys in the car will think twice before carrying on next time.
    Just curious, what kind of car does she race?
  13. mx-5.
  14. Maybe one of the reasons he didn't was because he'd already registered your daughter as being there.

    Glad to hear your daughter kept such a level head, wasn't distracted, and you're both okay.

    Think this sort of thing is part 'n parcel of being a female rider.
    Have had a couple of similar incidences, not involving rear-enders though.

    One being a group of young guys in a jeep tailgating, pulling up alongside to whistle & carry-on, then dropping back (rinse & repeat) before finally pulling up alongside to stop beside me at a roundabout.

    Flipped the visor, the grins broadened (don't think can really see much of me between helmet & sunnies) until I said: "easy boys, I know your mothers".

    They shot through the roundabout straight into an RBT.
  15. Glad shes ok sploder.
    Freaky what actually happens out there...
    Makes me worry about my miss's now, oh and nightowl thats hilarious :)