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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by roysrun, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys just want to start off by saying this forum has provided invaluable information for me being a first time owner, buyer and rider.

    so heres my vent nothing major--> went out for a ride my second to be exact and lovely gentleman in a big van kept up my ass for a good 10ks very very close...this moron made nervous as hell and me being cautious stayed under the speed limit for obvious reasons being a learner which probably didnt help....

    anyone have the same experience?


  2. Most people who have a L or P plate on the back have experienced this - some people are so fucking pathetic that the only joy they get is to hassle a learner...

    Now, let me be the first to say "Next time, pull over, let him past, catch your breath and have a drink/ciggie/wank, then continue on your merry way".
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  3. There are a lot of idiots like that. If this happens again, I would pull up when (when safe) and let him go past.
  4. roysun, welcome to nr and to the wankers we all deal with daily, as above, make sure youre safe, let the idiot through and 'catch your breath' and proceed 'without anger' this will make your ride safe for you and others.

  5. ^^Top advice (y)

    And just remember, in a few years these types of drivers will be eating your dust...
  6. This seems to happen to all L or P platers, irrespective of the vehicle they are driving, its like the plates are a magnet for this type of behaviour.

    Then they wonder why the new driver is freaking out or has an accident, people seem to forget very quickly that everyone has to start somewhere.

    As everyone else has said, if it gets too bad, pull over and have a break and continue on your way.
  7. Yup, we've all been there, brother. The best advice has already been said, pull to the side. Personally, i rearrange my gloves when i used to wait.

    Since i've been on my P's i can say that i've never been harassed as i was as a Learner. Maybe it's just the bright yellow monkey?
  8. Yep, happened to me all the time on my Ls, riding home of an evening, on a dark, rural, fairly narrow twisty road. I know the road well and I would be going no slower than I would if I was in my car. Still people would come up behind, tailgate, then overtake blindly. Never happens in the car.

    Used to feel a lot safer those times when the plate 'fell off'.
  9. ^ This and nothing else.

    Welcome - stay safe
  10. just stab them in the face at the next intersection

    i mean. politely ask them to wind down their window. *STAB* right in the eyeball
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  11. Yep, bully magnets. Ls worse than Red Ps worse than green Ps.

    I'd swear that scooter L plates were a considerably stronger magnet than car ones, though. Which is... fun. Even had to dodge a few thrown bottles on the highway once early on o_O.
  12. Never really understood this f├╝ckwit attitude towards L-platers. Everyone has to start somewhere, after all, driving/riding isn't genetically imprinted. I for one give L-platers plenty of room and overtake them decisively when safe to do so.

    Worst I ever got was a 20 tonne URM garbage truck on the M4 shadowing me less than 1 car length off my rear tyre in the middle lane. I was fully licensed so at least he wasn't just preying on novice road users. Suffice to say, I got out of his way as fast as I could and he went on to hassle the next vehicle in the "queue".
  13. In future...stop!...pull into a garage or macca's, or something, and take a 5min break. You need to start being a smart rider, ok.
  14. if the tailgating is really bad, and if there is nowhere to pull off safely, and i am getting anxious, then i gesture with my hand for the driver behind to back away and give me space.

    i find that a lot of drivers tailgate, not being malicious, but because they are on autopilot rushing to get somewhere. in other words, they are not thinking. a firm hand gesture usually snaps them out of this trance. it's worked every time for me so far.
  15. When I was on my Ls, this happened with alarming regularity. Then one day it broke off, and all of a sudden, those around me reverted to a non-dickheadish manner. That's when the light dawned.

    As others have pointed out, L & P plates generally act as an invitation for traffic to bully you. It's as if the sight awakes an irresistible urge in them to get past you, no matter how stupid or dangerous the resulting manoeuvres may be.

    May I ask where this happened? City/town, road/highway, etc.