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close ones

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_messy, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Had a close call last night.
    I was coming through an intersection corner up Powers st and City rd
    some silly old goat in a subaru decides to drift across to the right from the left lane into mine.
    I could've either try to squeeze in but that meant I would probably ended up being push over median strip and into on coming car, or brake.
    chose to brake. locked up back wheel got the chatter and it started to go sideways. So I held the clutch in and let go of rear brake. managed to save it.

    The thing is its not the first time. There are heaps of intersections where people don't realise that they are going into the wrong lane. Along Queens st and Sturt st the road curves through and intersection and people end up in the wrong lane. Corner of Victora rd and hoodle st city bound is the same.
    Idiot cagers just drive forward without knowing which lane is belongs to them. And the lanes should be marked better so they do know which is theirs'.
  2. If he drifted across rather than a sudden change of lanes then you should have taken steps to avoid having to hit the brakes hard enough to lock them.

    That particular intersection, the lanes doesn't go in a straight line and you need to anticipate the fact that drivers may make a mistake, the lines aren't marked anywhere near as bright as they should be. Phone PrickToads (number on the back of every rego label) and tell them. If enough people complaign they will fix it.
  3. As you said they are idiot cagers and that is how you have to treat them all. Expect them to make mistakes like that.
  4. I was riding back from a friend's house last night in Castle Hill and some twat in a Die-shat-su Charade had stopped to turn right coming the opposite way to me.

    He'd stopped to look, seen me... and then for a split second thought maybe he could make it across in front of me. Started to go, then realised I was doing 60k's instead of 16 and stayed put.

    I hate when cars psyche you out like that "Oh I'm gunna go, I've got time. Oh no I don't, I'll wait."

    Meanwhile you're already grabbing your brake and are thinking, "Please God, don't let me be killed by such a cheap, shitty, little car."

    Almost a brown Draggin's moment.
  5. I've had times where I've approached an intersections and people have tried to make a turn only just stop mid turn in front of me because they realised they wont make it.
    stopping pretty much in front of me. stupid people