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Close Encounter with the law..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by awseome, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Its sorta funny in a way.. today morning riding to work, eastern was choked around chandler, so i was in the right lane chugging along at 50 ks and hour. suddenly this dude on a KTM passes me going a zillion ks an hour splitting like mad, and i go.. why not and i start of behind him, i have gone past 2 car and a cop bike looms in my mirrors, so i quitely pull in to a lane, this dude comes up right next to me and shakes a finger at me, pretty much motions i am letting you go coz i need to catch the one who started it, and takes of at zillions ks splitting past cars and pulls over the poor KTM guy. so yeah this is a heads up for all, cops are active again on the easter,

    cheers and safe riding
  2. how come the cops get to split and we cant?
  3. Same reason they get to run red lights....... they're the police
  4. or....

    Who is going to pull them over?

  5. Like they said in Animal Farm: Some are more equal than others.
  6. What type of KTM? Wasn't Keith wait it... :tantrum:
  7. You are lucky that he decided to go after the more dangerous rider rather than the easier catch. I've seen an unmarked solo pull over one rider and tell him to "wait here a moment" while he took off, pulled over another rider, and booked him. Then the cop came back and booked the first guy.

    So it could have been worse, eh?
  8. totally it could be way worse, i think the cop had been chasing him and i got in the way, so i just got admonished.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, awesome.

    If the traffic was doing 50 kph, I can understand why the copper gave chase.

    Hopefully he will ignore me when I split cars that are stationary or seriously crawling. If I stopped filtering on the Eastern I'd waste too much of my life in that carpark.
  10. Bugger that for a joke!
  11. Indeed. The price we pay to protect ourselves from ourselves :jerk:
  12. Won't some pllleeeeease just think about the children..the children....
  13. What do you think the bike cop was doing?:tantrum:
  14. A certain director apparently did that too much…
  15. He waited for the cop to come back and book him??

    Surely some sort of medical emergency could have pulled him away from that comfy spot by the side of the road...
  16. Don't count on it. I've stopped using freeways unless absolutely necessary. I can get through regular arterial road traffic almost a quickly and the cops couldn't have made it clearer that while they might be prepared to overlook filtering on other roads, they are NOT going to countenance splitting on freeways. They've been enforcing this on the Eastern (and others) for more than a year.

    And going on the standard of cager behaviour on freeways, they might just have a point...
  17. Bathurst Weekend = Speed/ radar traps

    Always been like this since I can remember. Seems Queensland police have a more rigorous attitude, 0% tolerance or QLD Government short of funds again clothing revenue raising in a safety message perhaps?
  18. Hit the nail on the head - the government is broke.
  19. Why?
    Splitting traffic that is going 50 isn’t that much of a stress especially on a freeway with its exceedingly wide lanes.
    I can’t remember where I read it but some country had guidelines on splitting and they advised (As I recall) not splitting above 60 and not with a greater than 10kph discrepancy between you and the surrounding traffic. Personally I find that moving a little bit faster than that is safer as you spend less time next to any given vehicle.
  20. If the traffic is doing 50 kph, in order to split (and make it worthwhile), you're probably doing 70 kph. If I got a ticket for that, I would understand. Titus is right, given the way people drive (namely changing lanes without indicators) it's a fairly dangerous activity. Doesn't mean I don't lose my patience and do this every now again, especially when people fail to keep left unless overtaking.

    But ticketing someone for filtering on the Eastern between stationary cars and cars crawling at 10 - 20 kph is entirely capricious and malicious in my opinion, especially if it's a motorcycle cop writing the ticket.