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Close call

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dp., Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Had a sort of close call this morning. I am riding/driving the same road every morning for years and know it very well. Know sections where I can accelerate a bit above speed limit, sections where I can practice some cornering skills and sections where I must be on high alert. This morning doing about 70 – 75 km/h I got close to the left bend and started to lean the bike into the corner. Looked through the corner and at the exit I saw a light truck on the road shoulder indicating right. Remembering stories of other people having cars pulling on them or making U-turns without looking it got me alert and I rolled the throttle off still leaning the bike. VTR is very good at engine braking so it washed off some speed pretty quickly. I was half way through the corner when the truck pulled to make a U-turn…
    I was surprised at myself, I did not panic at all. Put the bike straight, applied both brakes and even downshifted all the way from fifth, so the bike was in first gear when I come to stop very close to the truck completely blocking my way. The idiot was pretending not seeing me at all looking straight ahead while making his U-turn crossing continuous centre line. Waiting for it to get out of my way I wanted to honk at him but then decided not to be like those who honking at every opportunity.
    So, old commandments confirmed:
    Be always on alert;
    Look well ahead where you are going;
    Don’t trust anyone;
    Don’t ride faster than you can stop.

  2. Good work :) .

    Daewoo would have smashed him then reported him to the cops.... its true. :grin:
  3. Well done on anticipating, preparing & executing moves required that had you avoid a possibly BAD outcome. ( all done without panic )
    Goes to show, that it don't matter how familiar one is with a route.. anything is possible. It's a reminder to us all.
    10 points!
  4. Good prep, good work
    I would have hit the horn.
    I believe it is worth informing idiots that they are idiots, and maybe (O.K. So this is wishful thinking) they will think a little next time
  5. Seriously ... I HATE ASIAN DRIVERS! ... overseas like thailand .. man those guys know how to drive like a racer but here in australia ... mijority of the overseas student that migrate over to aus to study in UNI or Colleges buys a car... but dont know how to drive them...

    i always see atleast 1 of every 4 asian ethnic driver sit very close to the steering wheel.. drive at a very slow pace and merge before looking then indicate for 1 second.

    and if its a young asian guy ... in his Mercedes-Benz with a gf in the passenger seat, you can always expect he'll merge without even looking.. bcoz he has his eyes on the Vanilla cooki puff that he bought her might spill on her dress...
  6. I personally would say that 3 out of 4 of 'them' would have a better grasp of English grammar and spelling than you too.
  7. :shock:
    I hate chicken Parma BUT where did THAT come from :?
    Was the trucker asian?
  8. Well asians drive like asians ( :LOL: my boss is asian and he hates teh way asians drive), and indians drive like indians (not the last of the mohecans ;) )... but thrown in aussie driving and you've got the deadly concoction of driving in Australia where everyone sticks to their own way...
    even IF they happen to be a little asian girl/woman who CAN'T see over the dashboard :roll: ...
    or the soccermoms (incl male too) in their fancy (read: useless) Toorack Tractor (SUV :LOL: yes, i know :p ) ...

    But last night I saw something up ahead in the darkness that didn't look quite right... then I realised it was a car pulled across 2 lanes of traffic, while pulling out of a driveway slowly... I used my highbeams to get a better picture and to alert the driver that there are others using this road too :roll: ...
  9. yeah i hate black people too. and people who are racist, they also suck
  10. A pat on the back Dp...... You did all the right things and lived to tell the tale!

    Good onya!


  11. Getting back to the OP - Conratulations on handling the situation so well. Bet you still can't believe that it even happened though - sometimes what I face on the road makes me feel like this really is the twilight zone. :p
  12. AMEN! [-o<
    nice work though!
  13. Woah! someone almost put this thread back on track for a second..

    Anyway I know nobody here is racist especially me, I hate everyone equally.

    And i think everyone who drives a car needs to have the drivers handbook beaten into them.

  14. thats generalizing buddy and from what I can gather from your name I bet you are either Thai or Filo. Amiright?
  15. [/quote]

    I personally would say that 3 out of 4 of 'them' would have a better grasp of English grammar and spelling than you too.[/quote]

    ah yeah.. WTF was that all about.miss school that day ?.who is this mystery asian ?
  16. The man is guilty of a few things from reading his post:

    - Racism
    - Presumptuousness
    - Overgeneralisation

    One thing he is not guilty of is bad grammar. I see upper case letters, commas and even an apostrophe. If you're going to have a go at the guy, make it founded on something that exists not just your want to insult him.
  17. I'm not looking for an argument and if I had wanted to insult him I would have. Just because you can see the use of upper case letters, commas and even an apostrophe - it does not mean he/she has used the correct grammar. Maybe you should re-read his post?
  18. +1 Amen to that
  19. [​IMG]

    It's ok to smile, you humourless bastards :grin: