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Close Call

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by crimpy, May 2, 2005.

  1. That was the difference between life and death big time...he should be a boxer the way he moved his head.
  2. OMG!!!! that is so insane. There was a bee's dick between him living and him losing his head.

    VTRsteve: i really don't think he consciously moved his head. I think it was purely his body recoiling off of the elastic barrier.
  3. that guy is possibly the luckiest man alive. is he unconcious though, cause his body seems really flexible and relaxed...
  4. U said it!!! :shock:
  5. \

    This video is from a superbike race early last year or the year before and has done the rounds of this forum and usenet.
    The rider was fine he was very much aware of his surroundings and got away unscathed.

    Why don't peple go through the archives in here and see what has and has not been posted?
    If I see that sv650 rider crash into a tree one more time I'm gonna scream!
  6. psst shithead, it was supersports

    URL for the SV stack?

    beer? or Ferret
  7. phwoar how lucky... wish he should buy a lottery ticket
  8. hahahahaha, can you 'shop it yellow mate?
  9. I agree titus, I am in this forum all the time and don't read every post, and this was the first time I saw it and thought how lucky this rider was.

    Smee, its best to keep your thoughts to yourself as others may not have seen the incident, doesn't help having a go at people not reading other posts. Just consider the amount of posts that are placed on this site and i bet you don't read everything.

    People keep posting as I don't get to see everything, I haven't got 24/7 to monitor this site.
  10. I can see this post being deleted as well.
    Keep up the personal attacks folks!
  11. Smee, you need to get with the program, it was not a personal attack, just some advice. Get with the SNAG program or you will have a heart attack over nothing.
  12. Point is the posts were deleted yet you saw fit to repost them.
    What I originally said was in jest yet you sensitive types couldn't look past your own egos to see that.
    Each to their own.