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Close Call

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Jul 30, 2012.

  2. I don't know you, I wont start flaming. But from 0:04 I had my palm raised to my face. Glad you're still with us though.

    What colour are your jocks now?
  3. Is not me, found it on a site somewhere a few days ago.

    Would have thought someone would have posted it by now....
  4. Oh that's a relief! Damn that rider was lucky.
  5. Any idea where it was?

    I'm assuming you found it rather than filmed it Grange
  6. I can't believe who ever posted this didn't edit out the first 5 seconds.
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  7. The comments for the clip are in swedish, google translate doesn't say where it happened.
  8. he seems rather nonchalant about it,
    quick check to see if his foot is still there.
  9. I'm guessing that he was so committed by the time he saw the oncoming vehicle that he just rode it out

    scary as hell though
  10. Driver is biggest idiot.
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  11. Id say the most talented person was the cage driver hugging the wall.
    Everyone else ?

    I seen a bike overtake me and deflect off of a on coming car and back into Another in my lane.and then just wobble around the corner , I was expecting to find him in the bush where the road dipped and changed direction. He just kept on going
  12. That absolutely had to have broken his leg.

  13. absolutely stupid.
  14. I think he may have lost his left peg, possibly why he kept looking down & kept his foot hanging in the air, or it broke his leg, reckon if it was a break he would hvae slowed down a lot faster..

    Stoopid Z1000 riders :p
  15. At about the 13 sec mark, sounds like a sqealing noise , maybe had a pillion onboard....
  16. in the slow down you can see another boot, I think hes checking on his pillion passenger
  17. He did, you can see their leg. Fools.

    EDIT:And by fools i mean the rider and the pillion. not NR!