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Close Call!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, Sep 6, 2011.

  2. Holy frakking hell!
    I hope the crashed rider thanked the guy on the bike with the camera for his life!!!
  3. I dont think it was his Dad. :-s
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  4. Damm thats good footage.
  5. You know what I mean <_< :LOL:
  6. hey guys what are you doing??

    Video is not a near miss/close call and there's clearly a bad crash with a rider on the road not getting up....
    Would rather this stuff not posted....
    It kind of breaches the TOC of the site and it's the second crash video where somone is not getting up today...

    Think about it fellas....[-X
  7. Brian survived the crash, if you watch closely as the rider passes him he was still sliding. That first crash was a shocking sickening footage & should be never shown again.
  8. WTF??

    its a racing "incident" no one was killed, or even badly hurt. It looks a little "scary" because his fuel cell breaks on impact with the wall and there is a fireball...
  9. It's in multimedia, it's not a rider-down thread, there's no scope for speculation since the result of the accident is already known, I think it's ok

    I saw it on the news sites earlier today; some of the comments there were hilarious. "Why didn't he stop and see if the rider was ok?"
  10. Bloody oath, that was a shocker!

    From Visor Down,