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Close call with the man.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Putting through the hills last night two up. coming home from the pub and a night of dancing Rock and roll,

    I spots this set of head lights coming up real fast behind us, Checks the velocimetre,

    Still just under the limit,

    Yep, Sure enough, A Po Po in a Marked car,

    Passes me, and dissapears into the distance ahead,

    Got home safely, Still sweating like a Pig, Thought I was gone again,

    Only 4 points left, Damn, Its getting hard out there,
  2. Well done mate. Good thing you were two up, may have gone a bit faster otherwise?
  3. He was obviously on the way to maccas for dinner, you weren't important :LOL:
  4. Doughnut shop about to close?
  5. no, if that were the case the siren would have been on!
  6. 10-20 PM. donut shop wins,
  7. Why do they get to exceed the speed limits.... $#$^&*!@
  8. The same reason they are allowed to use mobile phones whilst driving. Because they are allowed to.
  9. try having 1 point left on your P's :(
  10. Didnt you only just get your licence back deadman? or am I thinking of someone else?

    Im rollin' with 3 points on a bike that does $1.60 in first :/
  11. Thats me, 8 months walking, Slows you down some what, Hahahahaha
  12. My mates a zx10 rider and a GD copper. When he doesn't work for a few days he reckons he gets withdrawals from hammering the cars. Running reds, driving the car as fast as it'll go everywhere at 2am with no lights and sirens. Might be a crusty falcodoor but still sounds like fun.
  13. Living the life or what haha, every time I see a cop late at night they absolutely hammer the commodores but I guess if I was driving a v8 and knew no one would pull me over I'd be smashing it around everywhere as well