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Close Call with a truck....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Miraz, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. I had a near miss today....much too close for comfort!

    I was headed up McCarrs Creek Road and met a pantech coming down the hill towards me.

    The first warning sign was that it was travelling a little too quickly as it came round the bend in front of me and started to run wide into my lane.

    No problem, enough room to scrub some speed and tuck up tight to the side of the road....not exactly comfortable with the space left, but I'm not too concerned about it.

    As I'm about 3-4 meters from the cab, I notice that the rear door of the pantech is open, and has started to swing out into my lane as the truck swerves to the left!

    The timing is such that the door will be hanging right across my side of the road when I reach the back of the truck....still not quite sure how much it missed me by, but there can't have been more than a few inches. I was off the side of the road in the verge focusing on looking into clear space and keeping the bike upright.

    Fortunately no damage done to anything other than my trousers...
  2. Holy mother of jebus!!!

    Thank goodness you're okay Geoff!!!!!!!!!

    What an awful thing to happen. Did you beep or flash lights?? I woulda turned around and chased that mongrel down!
  3. Followed of course by an Indiana Jones style truck commandeering and appropriate beat-down ;)

    I suspect that the OP simply temporarily pulled himself and his bike slightly out of phase with the universe by using one of those bits of the brain that is dormant most humans ;)

    Glad you're OK.
  4. The truck belongs to a company up in Terrey Hills, I'm going to stop by and have a little chat with their management later this morning.
  5. You mean other people can do that? I thought it was just me :wink:.
  6. Gotta hate idiot drivers on that road! I've seen so many cars (and utes, trucks, cars with trailers) taking up both lanes around blind corners. Not so bad bike v car but when its two cars doing the same thing around a corner from both directions.. brown trousers time.
  7. buy a lotto ticket mate
  8. One of your nine lives gone! Despite how aware you are you can never prepare for shit like that. Glad you are still around!
  9. how high up was the door? could you have ducked under it?
  10. heh. no chance. if it was a standard truck door they are roughly between hip to chest height when standing up.
  11. How about the old Right foot out to slam his door shut for him as you go past?

  12. Not sure I'm flexible enough to get my foot up that high!

    The bottom of the door was about chest height, the bike might have gone under it, but I doubt I would have been so lucky.
  13. Similar to my natio ride yesterday, some idiot truck coming too fast around the corner with this giant ass mirrors WAY into my lane, had to duck AND swerve left around the right hander.
  14. This rings a bell.

    Removalist van by any chance? I do that run every weekend and about two weeks back had a run in with some tard in a truck hauling arse through that bend near where the buses stop. Fking idiot was well across into oncoming traffic.

    If it's the same guy better let the company know before he bloody well kills a cyclist or something.
  15. If I've nearly been taken out by them both in the car and on the bike... Green cab from Australian Native Landscapes, sorta a dump truck (no second axle just the one container)....Sent them a letter about their drivers being utter tools and never heard back. Good to see they've kept it in mind.... ](*,)

    They completely cut apexes on both Mc Carrs as well as West Head road.. I think they're involved with the road works or whatever is going on up there. Absolute disregard for other's safety. It's really only a matter of time before someone is killed as this doesn't seem to be a one-off.
  16. This wasn't ANL, one of their neighbours - white cab, big chrome front bar and a full size box on the back.

    I showed the owner the witness marks on the side of the box where the rear door had swung round into the side of the truck and explained the circumstances under which it had happened. I suspect the driver is not going to have a good start to his week when he turns up to work this morning.
  17. Yes indeed, big white removalist style truck and that exact same set of bends where the buses stop. I literally ducked and even swerved left on a bloody right to avoid being decapitated.