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Close call with a tarago today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by coffee76, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. On my way along the hume hwy this morning, minding my own business and doing the speed limit (for once) a guy in a Tarago loaded with kids and a trailer in tow over take me, and then promptly pulls into the left lane. Now this clown obviously didn't know where his trailer ended and i begun (prick).

    A quick grab on brakes and a big swerve onto the left shoulder narrowly avoided me becoming a casualty.

    First thoughts were shit that was way too close for comfort and then i speed up to catch him. At this point i'm more upset at how close it was as i get next to him on the drivers side, i give the horn a blast and indicate that he should use his eyes, when he just gives me the bird (now i'm pissedoff)

    Anyway i take off ahead to stop at the shell petrol station for fuel when i coming from paying i see him pull up and stop at the petrol station so i thought here is my chance to give him a verballing. I go over and tap on his window, so he winds it down (car full of kids so i decide not to swear at him)

    and here is the converstaion

    me: Dude use your mirrors, you almost hit me
    him: didn't see you
    me: you overtook me ! how can you not see me ?
    Him: shrugs shoulders
    me : and then you had the hyde to give me the bird when you were in the wrong what gives ??
    me: your a clown and shouldn't be on the road
    him: silence
    his women then says bloody motocyclist think they're good and shouldn't be on the road ! at this point i'm torn between punching him , the car or her, i decide instead to rip his mirror off and hand it too him saying you don't farking use them so you don't need it and stormed off with the shits .
    I was hoping he would just sorry mate didn't see you and i would have left it at that but when his woman said that, i thought fark it. Throughout all this i didn't swear or yell and i had taken my helmet off, i did feel bad about the mirror afterwards though.
  2. I was in your favour until the mirror was ripped off. :?
  3. :grin: Don't you just love people's opinions of Motorcyclists even when we are doing the right thing!! What if it had of been a red p plater who confronted him?? Would his wife then proceed to say "P platers think there good and shouldn't be on the road?? Gees i hate ignorant house wives. Why do some people have to be so think headed??? Bloody Morons.

    It makes me wonder, given that they had that opinion of you, in the event they had hit you would they have stopped???

    Josh =0)
  4. I can't really condone ripping peoples mirrors off their cars, but that said good work ripping his mirror off, bet he didnt see that coming. :grin: :grin:
  5. as much as the jackass deserved what he got x10, ripping someone's mirror off in a servo where there are bound to be cameras is possibly...foolish.
  6. +1 for the mirror.. but -10 for not calling the police and dobing him in for reckless driving /undue care and attention plus speeding with trailer.

    You are only alowed to travel at 80kmh. He passed you doing? 100+
  7. +1 to Coffee76.

    0 Targo driver.
  8. You should of told that b1tc4 to shut the f#$k up and be like Mike and tell her that you would eat her children. After ripping off the mirror you should have gone to the pump and poured fuel over the car and start looking for a lighter in your pockets.

    :twisted: :bolt: :eek:hno:
  9. so let me get this straight......you were pissed off at the womans view on motorcyclists.....so you rip their mirror off? Seems a little silly to me.

    Your going to be very busy indeed if you try to teach everyone who cuts you off a lesson.
  10. Ahhhh so many Tarago's So little ammunition. :(
  11. What an idiot. You confirmed the womans POV about motorcyclists.

    And when did they limit box trailers to 80kph? They dropped that law decades ago in NSW. Try to keep up with the current road rules
  12. Not a fan of the property damage thing usually but sometimes rage just takes over i spose :roll: Especially if someones just endangered your life. :evil:

    I think in the same situation i would have thrown a couple of quick jabs through the window then apologised to the children. If then the woman gobbed off i probably woulda thrown a couple more at the bloke for good measure and then promptly left.

    I realise that everyone makes mistakes but to not feel any remorse and then give you attitude i think he was lucky you left him concious.
  13. Getting cut off is par for the course... and for the most part it's water off a duck's back... but there's usually an apology involved. :facepalm:

    I reckon that the total smugness, arrogance and non remorse at seriously endangering another road user's life was suitably rewarded.... sheesh, I must be feeling a bit ornery today. :demon::blackeye::demon:
  14. Why people worry about the kids hearing these words I dont know.

    The children would be subjected to a lot worse things than swearing with parents like that!

    I wouldn't of ripped the mirror off but I sure as hell would've given that woman (who should've been sterilised at birth) an absolute verbal hammering... with a bit of luck, the guy would've gotten out and then you coulda knocked his head off!.... then maybe rip the mirror off and try to make him eat it! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Gee.... I'm a little more violent today... what gives?
  15. Unless I'm in danger at the time, I won't damage another vehicle.

    A better way of reacting at the servo would have been to reach in the drivers window, pull the keys out, throw them as far as you can, and walk away smugly. :twisted:
  16. I agree with you Rob. Under normal circumstances, I would say that ripping off the mirror was way over the top. But when you're confronted by a seemingly uncaring, heartless attitude from the driver and then an openly arrogant attitude from their partner, then I can 100% understand taking the path that this dude took.

    That said, it's so very definitely a matter of perspective and anyone calling this guy an idiot or a fcukwit is perfectly right to say so; I could hardly call you arseholes for declaring that property damage is unacceptable - for the most part, it certainly is. But as I said, given the circumstances, I'd have done the same thing, consequences be damned.
  17. If you're going to snap off a frigging mirror, do it while on your bike.

    That way if the cops do come over you can claim "accidental" collision.

    Which is a fine and payment for damages in a worst case scenario. They can't prove intent.

    What you've done can easily shown to be road rage. if they do go to the cops, which they probably will, you are screwed.
  18. i think i would have done a lot worse

    all the moron had to do was apologise, and it would be ok, and hopefully e more motorcycle aware

    it's drivers like that that kill us, keep that in mind
  19. What if the guy had gotten out of the car after you tore his mirror off, and punched the living crap outa you?
    If someone tore my mirror off, that's what I'd be trying to do.!
    But that's me... :p
    The general smugness of the cager probably indicates the personality type that would have the presence of mind to note down your rego number and call the cops...
  20. Yeah guys hindsight is a wonderful thing i aggree i went too far with the mirror but it was a mixture of too close a call and his womens attitude that pushed me over the limit, and yes i didn't do us any favours by my actions and if i get a call from the cops i'll cop i'll take it on the chin, but i had to vent , it was either gonna be a punch in the head or the mirror !!

    And yes if he had just said yeah mate sorry i would have left it as that would have taken all the wind out my sails.