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Close call this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. This morning decided to take the asthmatic yammy out for a spin to the coastal sides, nice day huh every one? I just got this new balaclava, and the bloody thing kept creeping up and obscuring my peripheral vision, I come to a quite intersection to make a right turn, the light it red, so I took this golden opportunity to silence this vision ****** once and for all, using my side mirrors as a guide, I tucked in the balaclava into the side of the helmet, there...that's better I thought, looked up to the light which is now green...for how long I don't know. "shit! better go" put her into first roll the throttle....

    Than I hear to my right side, a car beeping, before I could consciously connect with that event, I see in my right side vision, a car for some uknown reason, jumped the red light and took off turning right through the red light, I see this happening right in front of me, and boy golly, I quickly brought the bike to a complete halt, the car which is now now less than 4 meters in front me, running a red... my eyes connect with the cager, a look of what could only be described as confusion, bewilderment, and sheer apology was inscribed on her face as she is realizing she has jumped the red light and almost wiped out...me.

    I'm still stopped in the middle of the intersection, and I look at this cage just taking off, and give her the shaking fist and leave the scene

    Had it not been for that balaclava, she would of surely collected me, bless me lucky stars, gave a thanks to what ever unknown force it was that saved me.

  2. Its like reverse Karma
    You should buy a lotto ticket
  3. That was lucky.

    It obviously wasn't 'your time'.
  4. you certainly do have someone looking over you, glad your ok :)
  5. What make is the balaclava ,i might get me one.LOL.
  6. That was close, you're also lucky that the person behind you had their wits about them or you could have been hit from behind when you bought the bike to a stop in a hurry. Well done.
  7. Thank goodness you weren't taken out.
  8. fate my son...fate
  9. Why, when you just used up a fair bit of good luck, do people suggest you buy a lotto ticket??

    I would've thought you'd be wasting your time having used up you current allocation of luck.
  10. I wasn't so lucky in my cage. Had a silly biatch run a red, collect me, and scream at me for a good 10 minutes because she was convinced I was the one who ran the red.

    Had a witness give me his number, and an off duty copper give me his number, which she scoffed at saying we were probably related 'cause we looked alike.

    We looked at each other in complete confusion of how she could have linked our facial features.

    Meanwhile, he got sick of her abuse, and walked off, I stayed around and copped it until I got sick of it, and saw a fully marked cop car driving past. So to be a smart arse I decided to wave at them as they went, and as luck had it, they decided to turn their sirens on at that very exact moment.

    She was reeeeeeeeeeeeeally polite to me after that...
  11. I had a guy driving up a residental road on the wrong side of the street, almost hit me today. I only avoided it becuase I road onto the footpath, only just avoiding a mum and her pram. I stopped and apologised to the lady but the car sped off *shakes fist* I was so pissed.
  12. jeez eswen, that's such a close call. And if you had hit those folk.... just too awful to think about...
  13. Its a figure of speech - it's like your very very lucky - it doesn't mean you physically go out and buy one - :LOL:
  14. It really is frustrating that so many people on the roads are so careless. Do they even realise how easily they could kill someone?
    Wish I had a cattle prod sometimes
  15. I've got three of them. Wanna rent one?
  16. what was with today... I nearly got cleaned up on Heatherton Rd by an old guy who was driving next to me and he still didn't acknowledge me after a dose of my horn... aghhh :evil: