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Close call this morning - new riders take note

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dcart3r, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I've been commuting for around two months now and only just had my first close call this morning. In short, I was riding along a three-lane main road in the outside lane, at approximately the same speed as the other two lanes, which was only about 40km/hr. The speed limit is 70km/hr and I had a bit of free space in front of me, so decided to give it a quick squirt. About a second later, a cager in the middle lane decides to duck into my lane just as I entered his blind spot, where I'm now travelling at around 70km/hr. Luckily I didn't forget all my roadcraft and was in the left-hand wheel track, so had time to see him changing lanes and quickly jump hard on the brakes (without locking up). The car missed me by about a foot - not terribly close, but enough to scare me just a little.

    Now, despite the fact the cager was in the wrong, I should have known better and lucky for me I kind of anticipated it, so was quickly on the brakes and managed to avoid an accident. Despite the fact it was a fairly boring near-miss, I hope someone else besides myself can learn from my mistake and stay rubber side down.

    Safe riding.
  2. Glad you are ok. And he may have been in the wrong technically and legally but he may have looked a short period before and saw you doing the same speed and decided it was safe to change lanes. He may not have noticed your sudden acceleration. I am not trying to make excuses for anyones behaviour but one must remember that there is always more to everything than first shows.
  3. Same happened to me last week in Chatswood except at a much lower speed.

    And it got me thinking about buffering. I too was in the left wheel track and was able to avoid the car safely BUT by being in the left track I was putting myself in his blind spot, had I have been in the right track he might have seen me in his mirror (assuming he used it!!). Of course if I was in the right track and he had not looked in the mirror then we probably would have collided.

    I spoke to a colleague about it who has been riding for many years, he said that in that situation he would be moving from side to side across his lane so that there was more chance of being seen. Probably works at low speed rather than 70km/h though! :)

  4. Doesn't need to be a tyre warming type swerve, just a gentle drift from one wheel track to the other will do.

    Still got to assume you're invisible though and continue to be prepared to alter your road position in response to circumstances.
  5. Buffer..... Cagers are crazy give your self the best chance
  6. my case i was riding up parra road just near burwood "the bus depo" and this i was in the middle lane and this black guy in his escalade was lookin left at the bus and swerving into my lane. it was so close that i BANGED on his window and scared him and caused him to quickly swerved back into the left side.

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    A fat % of your attention should always be on minimizing time spent in blind spot.
  10. Ride to the conditions... You say its the cagers fault, he was traveling at the same speed as the rest of the cars but you were going faster? I can't help but think you would of been partly responsible. Leave the hooning for times when your alone on the road eh. :p
  11. avoid this situation, ride faster than the traffic flow untill you clear it. you should never really ride directly along side another vehicle. ive seen many many times a car swerve onto an adjacent lane to avoid a collision. if you are riding next to them, you get cleaned up and game over.
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