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Close call on the way to work today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. All I can say is thank god for the braided brake lines on the duke. I now forgive her for all her electric problems :D

    10:15 am, traffic busy, but not chaotic. In the heart of Sydney City. Coming down the road to oxford st (can't remember the name of it). Just turned left, and now got the straight.

    I'm about 2 car lengths behind the car in front of me. There's not a car behind me for a while.

    At the set of traffic lights, in the opposite direction there is a queue of cars waiting to turn right, across my 2 lanes going the other way.

    Doing about 50 klicks.

    What does the first car in the queue do? Does he wait for me to go by? No he frigging cuts in between me and the car in front of me. 2 frigging car lengths.

    I slam on the anchors, get a little bit of back tyre wobble from the hard braking, and amazingly stop on time, while he goes on his merry way.

    Adrenline kicks in, I headcheck, turn left and follow him. Gun it a little and pull up in front of him, slow and pull the monster up perpendicular to his car.

    I then get off and walk over to his window, visor up. His window comes down, and I let him have it. Along the lines of (and probably with more swearing).

    "What the fcuk do you think you wear doing? You almost fcuking killed me?"

    His response. "I'm sorry".

    4wd goes by, who was waiting behind that bloke at the lights, and yells at him "That was a bloody dangerous move dickhead".

    My response to the driver. "Sorry for what? Being a crap driver? Or if I hadn't reacted in time telling my wife sorry for killing me? If you can't frigging drive get off the fcuking road."

    I then walked away before I started either kicking the shit out of the car or him.

    Adrenaline started wearing off at the next set of lights, and I got the shakes.

    Oh well, all safe. And now I know the monster's brakes work damn well. So story ends well at least :)
  2. You FOOL. You passed up a good chance for a stoppie!

    Glad to hear you made it, that would have been a nice adrenaline kick.
  3. Hmm you just can't predict the actions of Idiots on our roads. Do you think the braided lines made a big difference?

  4. I know the Spada wouldn't have been able to stop in time.
  5. ...as you pretend to walk away you make a quick grab at his keys breaking it off in the ignition when you've turned the cage off. You then open his door and punch his face in, stepping back every now and then to take a breather and wind up for some kicks. He tries to take off his seat belt but your constant hits to the face has got him using his hands to protect himself. He eventually takes off his seat belt which allows you to dag him out of the car to kick him when he's down. When you know he now has the point you tell him your sorry before anyone can get your plates. :twisted:
  6. D***heads like that should be castrated.
  7. LMAO :LOL:

    Glad you're OK Kaer.

    Those shakes always freak me out a bit. But glad to hear you confronted the carnt. I hope he learned his lesson.
  8. And aggression achieves what exactly?
    Tell the person off and move on. You never know if they might be looking for a fight (unless you're a hero and only go off at women).
  9. it's wierd how the adrenalin kicks in & you get all "YOU BASTARD!" at the person that cut you off...then after you say your piece you get all "oh my god & nearly died!" and get the shakes.

    Glad you're alright, even better to hear the dude on the 4wd had a go at the moron too. It always helps to have backup!
  10. I have had this in the car but I tend not to follow on the bike. Without doors to hold me in it would be too tempting to 'nudge' a mirror onto the road.