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close call leading to amusement and a lesson in tailgating

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ibast, May 3, 2011.

  1. Riding to work this morning and had a typical Sydney moment where I had a car pull out of a side street on my left. A little rude but no biggy. Slightly more of a problem was the guy that followed him. This was more than rude and meant me applying the brakes rather than just backing off a little.

    Still nothing out of the ordinary. I sat inside the gap for the little to give the guy a good view of my headlight, to make him fully aware of how much of a dick he was. (yeah I know that's not the safest thing to do, but I did it anyway).

    then the guy flicks on his left indicator

    My thoughts["he realises what he has done and he is going to move left where the road divides at the next light. Not a bad guy after-all"]

    Then his right indicator goes on

    ["OK the guy doesn't know where he is going. Better back off"]

    So I backed off.

    Anyway he goes straight through the lights and I get stuck. ["thanks mate"]

    He disappears and a couple of hundred meters after the lights I realise my indicator was still on

    [LOL. he was just letting me my indicator was on]

    Still it got me thinking that if you get a tailgator in an urban environment then erratic indicator operation might be one way of getting them to back off.
  2. I've been known to flash the hazards in the car if being tailgated. It's a hazard isn't it?
  3. Hazards also mean 'thank you'.

  4. Really? Never struck that. See trucks do the left-right-left thing but not hazards.
  5. I remember being board on a freeway drive down from newcastle. The car in front starts erratically indicating. After little bit of thought about WTF, I then relised he was just challenging me to a game of follow the leader with left, right, hazard and flash. What followed was a fairly epic game, till i realised in the process we had both slowed down to about 20 below the speed limit and I promptly overtook and left.
  6. On my last trip back to Melbourne from a Sydney visit with trusty Gixxer, whilst on the Hume, I noticed a cage in the left lane but with right indicator flashing for well over 30 seconds as I cautiously approached. I slowly gained on the car, me in right lane, keeping a safe distance, 'just in case'.
    As I levelled with them (car full of elderly people), I looked at the male driver and signalled with left fist a closing and opening gesture, like a blinking light whilst at the same time indicated left then right, pointing at my mirrors (Gixxer) at each indication.
    The driver's look was priceless ! I almost dropped the bike with his ' I have NFI who you are/what you're doing' stunned mullet face..I LOL'd almost uncontrollably.
    I decided to take off, hoping he'd realise himself with time about his inadvertent indication.
    For the next 150-200m or so, with them now in my rear-sights, I stilled laughed...the indicator was still on. Only after a cage behind them flashed highbeams and cycled their left/rights did the indicator cease to falsely blink.

    Conclusion ?

    Next time I might carry some paper and a pen to deliver that message !!!!
  7. Says who? Never heard of that, and wouldn't think I was getting a thank you if I saw that as well.
  8. It's a European thing...huge in Ireland...
  9. 'nuff said :rofl:
  10. indeed, i used to use my hazards a lot as a thankyou... it depended on my mood on whether it would be that or alternating indicator sides on top of a wave :)
  11. No,

    In Ireland in my experience it means "You'll all just need to wait behind me while I just stop here in the middle of the single lane road through the town while I pop into the shop to buy my groceries and then have a pint or two in the pub".
  12. Had no idea. I just take them to mean something’s wrong, and stay the hell away. A thank you is a nod and the old two finger lift.

    Flashing hazards has always worked for me though. If someone's right up there, a quick flash and they'll back off or pass you.

    I know some euro made cars flash them when esp or traction control is activated.
  13. There would be a shit load of parked cars in town then! When i was driving around Ireland there was always courtesy when it came to passing cars or tractors on single lane roads. Some cars would reverse a long way to a farm gate to let you pass safely. No agro and always a paddy wave.
  14. no they don't. anywhere in the country. hazards mean something is wrong with your vehicle

    ^^ the man speaks truth