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Close associate of bikies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Shmeestar, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. "Tattoo parlour operators would be “automatically and permanently disqualified” if they belonged to one of the 10 bikie gangs banned under state law, or were a “close associate” of someone who is.

    “Close associate” includes spouses, domestic partners, parents, brothers, sisters or children of outlaw bikie gang members, or people who live with them."
    Could face up to 4 years in prison for disobeying the law.

    Pity if you just like tattooing...
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  2. And what happens if you know someone from a gang they decide to ban later down the track?
  3. it's just piss poor legislation dreamt up by maniacal megalomorons.
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  4. That's the SA labor government for you. A long way from the level headed labor opposition on the federal stage
  5. I've read about the ban on the 1% clubs in Aus, is this ban on all types of gangs or just those with bikes.
    If it is, surely that's discrimination against motorcyclists.
  6. To be honest it's very similar to the federal government's view...on everything pretty much.

    "We don't want to reward people smugglers so lets shove our asylum seekers because they are associated with people smugglers, in crappy conditions and let them rot in "detention centres" til we think they've learnt their lesson."

    Wait a second, these are people seeking asylum...not people smugglers, I think you are punishing the wrong people here!
  7. so you have a social conscience my dear
  8. The legislation is broad enough that it only requires the Attorney General to proscribe an organisation without the approval of Parliament. At the moment is is just Bike Clubs but could equally be the Barbie and Ken Doll Collectors Club or the Eastern States Model Railway Enthusiasts. It is poor and dangerous legislation.
  9. im hiding my dolls as we speak
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    have you guys noticed it doesn't seem to matter which party at what level.... oppositions can always pretend they'll do the right thing when they get in government, and governments couldn't care less.

    Noteworthy exception goes to the NT government for adopting an evidence based approach to speed limits. Bravo to you!
  11. why yes
    yes I have
  12. Just deflate them, they'll be harder to find!
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  13. I need to get a strong deodoriser as well
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    Check out the documentary "Love me, love my doll"... I'm sure you'll love it.. Even maybe get some tips on how to better care for your dolls.

    It's a fkn disgrace, what's next, they gonna tell us when we can fart and when we can't...
  15. no... you can fart where you like, but if your cow farts you'll have to pay carbon tax.
  16. Will you have to deflate them first ?
  17. Any excuse to plug them later.............................. ;)
  18. I'd probably be in politics if it wasn't for the fact that the parties are corrupt and the politicians only in it for themselves. And you can't accomplish anything as an independent.

    It's one thing to ban or close down illegal businesses, is another thing to ban people from running businesses just because they might be connected to a criminal. Guilty by association? When had that ever been law? Why should it be law now??!!!
  19. Hopefully by that point you will have learned to read properly.

  20. Thanks Ljiljan, the point I was trying make is that it is an impossible law to comply with because there is no way a person could possibly know which bikie gang could be banned in the future.
    A person would need to be able to predict the future decisions of the legislator in order to decide who to befriend in the present.