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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by tc2233, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Ordered a clock for my bike recently from Clocks4Bikes.com (actually bought through eBay from them) just like this one:


    I know there is another supplier that is a partner of NR, but I found these were cheaper and could supply for my size bars (7/8").

    All up after exch rate and delivery it was only $49. Suits the black face dials of my bike, came with spare battery and a 3yr "even if you lose it" warranty.

    Their communication was excellent, took 10 days to arrive. And something that really surprised me was they had set the correct Sydney time before they shipped it! :grin:
  2. nice, good price too eh.
    does it glow in the dark?
  3. Nope, mine doesnt, but there are back-lit models with a button on the front to turn the light on temporarily.
  4. neato, bookmarked for when i've got some spare cash
  5. Is that your photo of it on your bike? Looks good!
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  8. Yeah, i didnt bother taking my own pic, since its looks pretty much identical to how mine looks.

    Goz: funny enough I bought one of these too, ages ago. Still sitting here in the study uninstalled. Couldnt figure out where to stick it on my bike and then decided it wouldnt look as good anyway. Does come with a thermo mode though.
  9. I'll buy it from you for $15?
  10. Better than my $2 "sports digital" watch I suppose.
  11. Being able to check the time was one of the few things I missed about being in a car. I just bought a cheapo adhesive digital clock from Supercheap Auto, but the glue keeps melting from the heat up here :( .

    Whenever I go to www.clocks4bikes.com my browser crashes, both IE and Firefox.
  12. sold, to the lady with 2 bikes!

    pm sent.
  13. Hmm, working fine for me. Maybe you have a prob with flash on your pc.

    They are also on ebay, seller "clocks4bikes".