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Clocks 4 bikes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Moby78, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I want a clock for my bike. Found these guys in the U.S.

    Anyone used them and have feedback or do you know of Aussie suppliers?

  2. I have one on my bike - brilliant. Light died so i sent it back to the USA for repair, returned repaired with new battery, no charge. I bought from "everything but the bike" in Bundaberg.

  3. steal a watch and superglue it
  4. I brought about 10 'Ion Sports Watche(s)' off fleabay for $1 each which I used around the time when those 'Power balance' wrist bands were all the rage, I wouldn't mind getting one of those Oxford ones in that other clock thread.

    Didn't bother wearing one after a while, because I got the tank bag and keep my phone in the plastic sleeve where I can see the time.

  5. One of the things I loved most about upgrading to my SV was the clock in the dash. Oh lord do I love that thing.
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    My new bike has a clock, bought a formotion for the first.

  7. Thanks for the feedback.

    Will get one soon.

    Nothing worse than getting to work early because I'm not sure of the time.
  8. My mate has one - I don't understand why.......:confused:
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    Important if you ride to work or something :p . Also handy for the likes of school zones etc.

  10. I want one.. but I keep forgetting to go measure my bike stem nut before it gets dark!

    Oh well, daylight savings starts this weekend, so I'll have an extra hour to remember...
  11. You worry about the time when you are on your bike?

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    Wrist watch?

    Although I do have a digi clock on my stock instrument cluster and I love it

    However I used to use a wrist watch and take a peek at the time at lights....no problem.....
  13. I used their e-bay store a few months ago. Absolutely no problems at all. Pay via PayPal & delivered within a week or so. They even set it to Melbourne time for me. :)

    Impeccable quality. Just love it. One guy even asked if the new XVS650 was being shipped with the clock fitted.
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    No good when clad up in winter gear and its a struggle to get at a watch lol.

  15. If I ever need to find out what time it is because it is important, I will find a good looking chick and stop next to them...like today when I was wanting to know the time off a cute chick who felt sympathy when the rain came down at the lights. Got the time, but unfortunately not her number.
  16. I had one from these guys on my last bike: http://clockabout.com.au/

    Lasted the two years I had the bike looking as good as new.
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    I tried that but she screamed rape.