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Clockabout motorbike clocks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Muppeteer, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Hi folks,

    I've seen the clockabout website advertised on this site, and was wondering if anyone's bough a clockabout clock for their bike, if so, which clock, on what bike? I'm thinking about getting one as it would be a lot easier to just glance down, rather than having to pull over and undo my jacket sleeve just to read my watch! It looks like they would fit better on a cruiser/naked bike, as I don't know where I could screw it onto my bike (GPX250), I might just have to get a stick-on one!

    By the way, their website is http://www.clockabout.com.


  2. Get a stick on clock and stick it on your left glove. :grin:
  3. I have had there page bookmarked for about 2 months debating whether to get one or not. I'm thinking it may get knocked off, but who would notice it on there?

    At the moment I have a little digital one from Supercheap (5 bucks) and it does the job, I just forget to take it off when I wash the bike :oops: :?
  4. time!

    who worries about time when on their ride?

    a collegue from work has one. not sure if he bought it from this mob, though. he quite likes it.
  5. I have been caught out a few times around the schools, wondering what time it is and if it's the reduced speed limit :?
  6. Digital would prolly look better on a sports.
  7. clockabout

    I bought one of these spot clocks. I have a Honda VTR and it sits as if it was made for the bike. It is positioned on the stem nut cover. It doesn't fog up, it hasn't fallen off. I have it for about a year. I sent them a photo and they asked me if they could use it on their web site and they have so if you want to see my bike - oh and the clock visit http://www.clockabout.com. )

  8. Not bad for $49.00.

    But I wandered round the market, found a cheap watch with a face that roughly matched my bike's instruments, removed the watch strap and velcroed the watch to the head stem bolt.

    Total cost - $9.00, and it looks fine.
  9. I was in the market for a clock for another bike. However, after not finding anything suitable, someone mentioned the digital cycle computers. They have a clock as well as trip functions and an accurate speedo. I went down that path. And for about the same price depending on model and features as these clocks on that other website.
  10. $5 from super cheap auto, it has a cradle as well so you can remove the clock when you park and makes it easy to change the batteries.
  11. I actually went to the cloackabout website in vain thinking that they sold old style bike instruments. :cry:

    I've usually used a pushbike speedo (for gearing changes) on my roadbikes which has a clock function.
  12. I got one of these ones (http://www.clocks4bikes.com/) for Christmas and I absolutely love it.

    It fits perfectly on my bars and doesn't look out of place at all. Very clear face too, so makes it easy to sneak a peak to see whether I'm running late :)

    As an aside, the customer service was fantastic and we got it really quickly after it was bought off ebay from them.

    +++1 ;)
  13. I bought a clock with thermometer from jaycar. Just had to supermodify the mount and it fits the handlebar perfectly.

    The thermomrter is good to check your masochistic degree on winter mornings and nights.

  14. I bought one, and they look fantastic - like they are part of the bars. One thing I noticed - I ride a cruiser without any windscreen, and the casing of the clock developed some small dents in it from road debris (and maybe some hard bugs hitting it really, really fast :LOL: )

    But I still think it is a great investment. Not having a clock on a bike annoyed the crap out of me.

    I was also going to get the thermometer, but I decided that if it was really hot or really cold, I probably didn't want to know the temperature....
  15. I like the clocks/thermometers on emsie's clocks4bikes website. Very neat, and not bad value either.

    But I'll stick with my cheapie for the moment. :)