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Clock for bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Benlore, May 29, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I am looking to get a digital clock for my KLE 500. I need to be able to read it at night. Not so sure on how it mounts to the dash or handlebars. Any recommendations?

  2. :D


    Well, I bought an $8 "Ferrari" watch (some cheap rip-off from one of those temporary stands in the shopping centre) and i did it up around the handle bars... and it's now been there for over a year and a half! The top left side button lights it up so you can read it at night, PLUS it's got a stop-watch component :D

    Go to local shopping centre and you're all good!
  3. +1 for the cheap watch.... I "meant" to get around to it for about 3 years for my ZZR, but alas, I never did. I was stoked to find my new bike has a clock in the dash!! :D

    That said, I went through the same thought process and planned to buy a cheapo, put in on the bars with its own wrist strap and if it got nicked (unlikely), then just replace it.

    As far as readability goes, you could opt for one with a button/light as per lowercase's great suggestion, or you could also opt for one with arms that have that 'glow in the dark' green stuff - a day's worth of sun should make it readable for a good set of hours after dark (but probably useless in the dark hours of the morning), and you don't have to fiddle with a button if you're not comfortable doing so while moving.

    If you wanted it to be removable, then double-sided tape and velcro are your friends!! (after obviously removing the strap).
  4. I've parked in some of the dodgiest parts of Sydney for entire days and the cheapo watch has never been taken.

    And yeah, my reasoning was $8 is nothing to replace IF it did get "lost" or taken.
  5. Dude, wear a watch.
  6. not really possible under gloves, even if you KNEW you wouldn't lose skin from chaffing (i know i WILL), there's the hassle of pulling up your sleeve and pulling down the glove to check the time. all the while your hand is off the throttle and you're slowing down......
  7. Hi,

    I use a clip from work, it is a mount to hold conduit off a concrete slab, i use it in reverse and does what i need :)
    down side, battery replacement, i guess.... you could just remove and reinstall with some more doublesided tape, or just replace the watch, if its a cheapy like mine!

    So photos
    1. - the mount with cable tie through it
    2. cable tie to bar, remove adhesive label
    3. stick watch to it,.......or currency for this example :p
    4. the one i use - i went for analog, no screen blacks cos of sun, hands and dial glow, + i'm old fashioned......its a gs500 after all, cant be too modern can I!

    they are available from electrical wholesalers, or pm me and i'll post ya one mate!
  8. I asked this question when i first joined... let me see if i can find it... had some good answers... Not sure about the nighttime stuff, but maybe something useful in there...

    Here you go, check out some of the stuff here.