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Clipstone Yamaha?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by howlerfmx, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Im new to Australia and just moved to Vic and am looking possbly buying a current model R6. I was just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Clipstone Yamaha before? Just wondering if there after sales service etc. was good?

    Any help would be much appreciated?

    Regards Sean
  2. Your new R6

    Don't go to Clipstone, they don't care about you after you have bought a bike. I suggest seeing Cameron at Peter Stevens in Ferntree Gully. He is a nice bloke and will do anything to help, even after you have bought the bike.
    9757 6000. I bought an R1 from him and has been great!!
  3. I rang Clipstone on a Sunday (they are open 7 days) regarding a GSXR 1000 they had in stock. They told me about the bike, I said it sounded great and I'd come over for a test ride. "I'm sorry Sir, we dont do test rides on Sundays". They obviously dont want to sell any bikes on Sundays then. I bought a new ZX10 2 days later so they missed out!
  4. I waited over 10 minutes on 3 separate occasions to buy a bike, over 2 weeks. Didn't get served so went elsewhere!
  5. Ive had my bike in twice with clipstone in ringwood. great service everytime. Mind you ive only dealt with the reception girls and the head of the service team (adrian?). He knows what he's talking about and worked for Suzuki as a mechanic for 5 years. I'll keep using the ringwood store as long as he's still there.

    they threw in a chain lube and adjustment for free last time.
  6. Most shops that are open Sunday's generally open to sell you spares and accessories.
    It is unreasonable to expect a test ride on a Sunday.
    They would be running on a skeleton staff level just to open the doors. There typically isn't enough staff to facilitate test rides.
  7. Oldish thread this one.
  8. Hm…

    So their customer service might be questionable, but are they any more or less dodgy when it comes to used bikes? They have two I am considering
  9. They were selling a jetski for a friend on consignment about 10 years ago.

    They managed to "lose it" :roll:

    It vanished into thin air, they just couldn't explain it. Mate was out of pocket $8,000

  10. :-k

    Fishy fish fish fish.
  11. They're now closed on Sundays.

    As far as used bikes are concerned, all the dealers are much for muchness, they could be selling a decent bike or equally could be selling a lemon, so get an independent mechanic to inspect it. I can recommend Brett Harrington of Mad.Biker. I got him to inspect a bike Clipstone were selling on consignment, and I ended up not buying it on the basis of his report.
  12. + 1 for Cameron at Peter Stevens in Ferntree Gully.
    + 1 for Brett Harrington of Mad.Biker

    you just got reccommended the best bloke to purchase a bike from and the best bloke to service and maintain your bike in the sth eastern burbs, Melb.

    both of them are aware of their good word of mouth reputation too and strive to keep that up...so you'll be well looked after.