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clipstone yamaha melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by shane2493, May 23, 2006.

  1. this place is shit.

    i paid for the bike on 23rd feb. at this time i was living in sydney and after being told 2 weeks delivery time, it came a month later. the truck came so im like, yeh wateva cool i dont have to deal with those fcukwits anymore, ive got my bike and everything. everythings good.

    he gets the bike out and im like fcuk yeah! i dont have to catch buses and ferries and shit everywhere anymore. yay!

    WRONG! the jacket, helmet, gloves, cover, top case, rack, proof of purchase papers or the owners/service manuel didnt come! the rest i can deal with but i need the fcuking helmet and proof of purchase papers to get it registered. as they wouldnt pay register it OR pay for it coz they werein another state. at the time i was like "yeh wateva just get me the bike, ive got the money for it all".

    so here i am with a biek and nothing else, NO riding experienced. i borrowed a mates helmet and rode around my suburb a bike, with no plates or insurance or protective gear.

    since im in the defence force, i got an unexpected posting to victoria, and the stupid fcuking bike shop couldnt get all the gear and shit together on time to get it to me b4 i moved. defence usually pay for removal, car/bike/furniture/boxes, everything. but the vehicle has to be REGISTERED to do so. so becoz it wasnt registered, i couldnt get it down there. they wouldnt do it. which sucked.

    so i posted to victoria, a month later recieved all my gear (minus the owner/service manuel) i paid for 2 months earlier, and had to fly up to sydney, at my own expense to pick the bike up and register it and everything. this was a very expensive mission.

    the bike shop couldnt give a fcuk. and ever since i got to victoria i've been trying to get a owners/service manuel from them. every time i ring, i speak to someone that doesnt have a clue who i am or if its even been ordered yet. 2 months later, i receive a service manuel, but no owners manuel.
    im not sure whether the service manuel IS the owners manuel, but i think it isnt.
    on top of that, they made me pay for the book, and the cost of delivery for the book. with credit.

    phew ive got that off my chest. this bike shop is fcuked. DO NOT go there.

    i got my bike serviced at another yamaha dealer down here and they were appalled with what a told them and told me to report it to yamaha australia. i think i might.
  2. Hey mate, that sucks...I would report it to Yamaha - if a dealership has advised it - then something might even get resolved for ya...

    Its not like its a little thing that they managed to get wrong - you were inconvenienced with both time and money - and therefore they should be able to do something to compensate you...or to be honest with ya, even just feeling like someone has listened and actually heard what you've said makes a huge difference...

    Good luck...
  3. Definitely report it to Yamaha Australia, and you might want to call the Department of Fair Trading (ie Consumer Affairs) while you're about it.

    Did you complain to Clipstone's sales manager?
  4. Clipstone have received many bad reports here on Netrider. It seems their service is simply non-existant, and their attitude is far worse. I really have heard nothing but bad reports about them.

    They wont be getting any of my hard earned cash at anytime in the future. Definitely get onto Yamaha and ask for their Customer Service Dept, and seriously let them have it with both barrels.
  5. Yep, Clipstone have a poor reputation (and well deserved as far as I can see) and they seem intent on keeping it. Make a complaint by phone and in writing to Yamaha. Clipstone represent them, so they will be very intere sted to hear the story.

    For future reference, Stafford Yamaha in Heidelburg have always looked after me well with 1st class customer service all the way. :)
  6. Pffffft! serves you right for being in the Navy..

    ex RAAF :LOL: :wink:
  7. Yeah and serves you right for buying a yamaha ha ha ha :grin:
  8. They have to supply any new bike with the owners manual as it has the safty precautions for the bike etc
    As far as I know they shouldnt have even sold you the bike without it, definatly contact yamaha aust as I reckon they would be very interested in your story
    Sounds like one of those places where the service starts after you spend 20 grand :wink:
  9. Clipstone's wife was is my old Grade 1 teacher.

    I know where the bad attitude you guys there originated from.

    What an angry woman :shock:
  10. I don't understand your last sentence "I think I might."
    If I've been treated like $#!t, I would complain to ANYONE that wants to listen.


    I'd complain so hard they'd have to give me 10 bikes of my choice in fear of such bad publicity generated that they won't be able to earn any money through any business they were doing, bike selling or otherwise.

    Definitely complain.