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Clipping cars when lane splitting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Just lightly (Their mirror with your mirror), i'm not talking about if you damage their car just a small knock.
    What do most people do?
    Do you stop and say sorry or just keep going down the middle? :D

  2. Well I don't lane split very often for two reasons.
    1, I only ride for fun and traffic ain't fun (have a company car for transport)
    2, lane-splitting is not legal in NSW

    but....., if I did, and I hit a mirror, I'd probably stop and say sorry, unless the window was up and the driver was ignoring me....
  3. Hit the rev limiter, and progress forward, what do you do?
  4. I've only ever done it once...I have different phases of splitting, if its a really wide gap I'll keep my feet up and ride and a reasonable sped, if its really narrow I'll slow right down and put my feet down.

    I'll come up to a car in a tight squeeze and edge my way through very slowly, its funny watching the passenger watching you very closely as you guide your mirror through with mm's to spare.

    On the occasion I did tap the mirror of a car the driver pulled away to let me through and the passenger waved apologetically.

    I can imagine it going the other way though, anyone?

    BTW I currently ride a scooter, I imagine when I get my 600 my splitting days will be pretty much over
  5. Stop, make eye contact with the driver, give a 'sorry' wave and then piss off.

    I smashed the crap out of a late-model Mercedes mirror once, electronics dangling everywhere. I thought I'd better put my hand up for it. The guy looked over, said "meh, looks like fair wear and tear to me" and then started asking me about my bike...

    Weird huh?
  6. :LOL: too funny! probably wasn't his car, or too much money to care...
  7. I have stopped before and gave them the "I'm Sorry please don't make a big deal outta this" wave, but just before i tapped someones mirror on the way home, so lightly my mirror hardly moved, but i didn't stop because traffic started moving again. :? Was i wrong to do this?
  8. Is lane splitting illegal in NSW even when the traffic is stopped?
  9. split past a cop in traffic would be one way of finding out :D
  10. :oops: ive only hit a few and i felt like shit.. did more damage to my mirrors then theirs..
    didnt stop...
    im very good at judging distance now :p :p
    a coupla mms and at speed is all i need
  11. i would keep moving cos it will be a dangerous situation
  12. Yeah specially if ya scratched up some heavy dudes car and he jumped out and chased you with a tyre iron... :LOL:
  13. I dont lane split very much mainly cause i dont have full comp insurance but if in the event i did hit or even tap someones car i would make sure i formally apologised, gave em me details and got the thing fixed if necesarry(even if that meant a polish).

    If you cant get down there without hitting someones car dont do it i reckon. I know when im drivin me car i give splitters as much room as i can but if someone hit me car whilst splitting id be furious. If they then tryed to get away without even a sorry im pretty sure id be homicidal :twisted:
  14. eg, Mike84 has a tyre iron in the back of his car :p
  15. I'm with you Mick. Accidents happen but leaving the scene of an accident is messed up no matter how small. Think how we all wanted blood when one of our members was hit from behind and the driver drove off, if you hit a car while splitting it's only fair to stop and wait to see what the driver has to say before continuing on. Personally, if someone even lightly touched my mirror I'd be checking it for damage and making them pay to fix it if there was any, and if they drove/rode off I'd call the cops. Don't do it people.

  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah, i dont carry any weapons, i live in Liverpool for gods sake. If i pulled out a tyre iron im sure one of the locals would only counter it with an M4 Carbine he and the boys taxed from the commando regiment... :p
  17. i'm with mik and sir_b........don't touch anyone else's car, don't even touch a car with your gloved hand.....shows disrespect.......and if you regularly tap mirrors then don't split cause if someone tapped my car i'd definitely get the s#($

    i mean when you park your bike do you like it when people walk by and start playing/sitting on it?
  18. tapping mirrors is a big no no!! if someone were to do it to me i would be pissed. so if i dont fit i dont go through, respect and common sense is whats needed here..
  19. I'm pretty sure lane splitting is illegal Australia wide.

    But it all comes down to whether it is enforced or not. Ie: like j-walking, although when a cop is having a bad day he may book you for it.
  20. I've clipped mirrors twice, both times at extremely low speed. No damage to car or bike.

    The first time happened not long after I decided to lanesplit on my commute. The second time was months later - I misjudged the gap by about 2mm. My bad.

    Each time I stopped and said sorry - the last time it happened I even managed to stall the bike somehow, which must have looked particularly impressive :roll: .

    I don't think riding off into the sunset is an option. If I was sitting in my car and a bike collected my mirror I'd be startled (at the least), and concerned about damage to my car. And I'd be expecting some sort of reaction from the rider by way of an apology.