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Clipped by Mr Getz!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ~DadAgain~, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Yesterday afternoon on my return from work I was quietly minding my own business making good progress along Waterworks rd (suburban thoroughfare, 2 lanes each direction, comfortable sweeping bends, occassional traffic lights)...

    and the lights infront turned red. There was a red Getz in front of me in the left lane and a white ute (complete with compulsory accesories - toolbox + cattle dog) in the right lane. Given the traffic conditions I decided it was prudent to slip between them to avoid any potential rear-ender (nothing visible behind me yet) and wait just in front of the Getz - BUT... as I slowed to a crawl and headed for the gap the Getz (window open, doof-doof straining the underpowered stereo) made a last minute dash to the right to try and block me (perhaps I'm being generous - Maybe his intention was to cause me grievous injury? who knows?).

    All he succeeded in doing was ensuring that our wing mirrors tapped very lightly (at a speed of perhaps 1kph!) - at which point he yelled out some exclamation of abuse indicating clearly he believed me to be at fault here.

    When the lights changed I made a hasty (but not reckless) exit and held a good speed of 70-75kph (it s 60kph limit) - only to find a couple of minutes later this guy roar past me at 80++ once the Getz had finally reached that speed and cut in (Where's the revenue squad when you need them eh?).

    I figured this was a p*ssing contest to be avoided and pulled over pronto at the next shops to get some supplies and let Mr Loser be on his way!!

    Does this kind of thing happen often? Is there a better strategy for dealing with guys like this?

  2. Yep, it happens, though not all that often. And it sounds like you did everything right.
  3. i would have punched him in the eye.
  4. On the way to the meet point for sundays kinglake ride, epyx and I were tootling along Punt rd. Lights go red. We both take off and keep to the 60 km speed limit, only for a BA Falcon to roar past, partly in my lane. Next lights are red and he is grinning from ear to ear (good on ya cokhead), so I pointed to my helmet gesticulating that he was a fool. So he raised the middle finger. I then pointed to my crotch, then pointed to him and made the little dick sign! He was enraged! I got my point accross tho!
  5. :applause:

    I've yet to try filtering, but it does annoy the tool cagers when I'm on the front of the line and leave them sitting on the green. Makes me wonder, if I do this on a KLE 500, what would it be like on a bigger bike :twisted:

    An observation, when I walk around at lunch time, people constantly cut in front of me or have no idea where they want to go. The scary thing is, if they drive like they walk, how do i survive the ride to work :shock:
  6. when you're wearing decent gear including helmet, gloves with knuckle protection, a jacket with armour, and boots etc - you may as well just get off the bike at the lights and go start some trouble (or at least scare the shit out of some dickhead P plater in a doofdoof mobile :LOL: :LOL: i mean at least you're protected :D
  7. It happens .. dunno why they get so pissed off, it's not like a bike is gonna hold them up. :roll:
    I filter whenever I can, had only a few occasions where cagers try to block me. Guess it's something we all have to just deal with.
    You did the right thing IMO.
    PS: Ignore Joel's comment .. he's just a Bad-Ass Hooligan :p :p
  8. Well, technically... ;)

    (Not that that justifies their actions to block/ram)
  9. I don't get it ... I ride every day and never get these problems. I had a Mercedes driver cut in front of me just after the on-ramp, but as I went past he put his hand up and gave a 'sorry gesture'.
    The only real problem I have had within the past year or so, was actually yesterday, coming along lygon street (why, oh why was I on lygon) and a stupid driver pulls a u-turn in front of me. Lucky I wasn't going too fast and my brakes do work when needed. In all honesty though, this was my fault for not observing the 'suggested speed' signs.
  10. There are people in Canberra!?!!

    In all seriousness though, I habitually check my 'blindspots' when I walk :oops:
  11. And here I was thinking that you'd been sideswiped by Joe Pesci :LOL:

  12. Strangely enough I had an incident with a red getz in Paddington a couple of months ago. Mind you I'm not much of gap seeker at lights. I just buzzed past (cruising slowly, barely in third) because there were cars parked in my lane ahead, and this getz sat scarily close to my arse and kept beeping his horn and flashing his high beams at me. I ended up pulling over and checking my tail light was working because I couldn't work out what he was crapping on about, that and I was getting blinded everytime he flicked his lights. I know I didn't do anything wrong, there was plently of room to merge and I indicated for him. Wouldn't surprise me if he's one of those dick wanks who just can't handle people getting ahead. Or maybe he just has that 'motorcyclists = temporary Australians' mind-set and wants to help somehow. Either way he's a cock spank but, thankfully there's not to many of them around. Glad to hear you and your bike didn't get damaged from him though.

    Maybe put a couple of blades in your boots and slash his tyres next time you have in encounter.
  13. It sh$&@s me right up when these cagers have to either change lanes right on the lights because one queue is one car less than the other or they have to get pole position.
    Do the not know that the single unbroken strip before the lights means do not cross.
    Its there for a bloody reason. :mad:
    Has anyone also been cut off coming up the the line by some dick who then proceeds at a leisurely pace once the lights have changed. :roll:

    Tossers :twisted:
    Why the great need to get pole position in a car anyway, especially when you can see the traffic further up???
    its not so bad here in Vic as its terrible in NSW and no-one checks their blind spot.(it would mean moving your head and not just you eyes, would'nt it?
    :eek: :shock: Poor saps.

  14. Top marks for pulling into the shops and not allowing this dill to escalate the confrontation!
  15. You think you may be invincible in your gear however there was a case in Mackay a while ago where a guy was knocked off his bike by some thugs and they stomped his head with his helmet still on. He sufferred brain damage and would have died from the swelling if a passerby hadn't removed his helmet.

    Just because you have a helmet on doesn't mean you can't get hurt.
  16. ^^ heh, I just think that is taking it a little far now, sure it is annoying but don't take a legal/moral high ground over it, it's also illegal for us to be doing it as well.
  17. That would have to be the dumbest, stupidest, most irresponsible post on Netrider this year! What if the guy in the car has a gun under his seat? Or a baseball bat alongside it, or a tyre lever??

    You, my stupid friend, need to think before you post such garbage.
  18. In my personal experience it's very rare but it does happen. I reckon you handled it v. well. Look out for baseball caps on back to front (if they can't put a hat on straight then don't expect much in the way of Roadcraft). Look out for anything souped up, personalised plates, booming duff-duff, that sort of stuff. If the vehicle is customised (an extension of the driver) then they're more likely to take filtering as an affront of their personal space.

    Apologies if I've missed out any stereotypes. :)
  19. ....i was being totally 100% serious too!!!

    (is your sarcasm detector broken today hornet? :) )
  20. "Colon D" is not an emoticon that shows up anymore as one; nevertheless, I would beware of saying stuff like you did because in a forum of over 11,000 people, there may just be folks who'd take it seriously even if you didn't mean it so :wink: