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Clipped a car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wrxbox, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. I picked up my new bike last night. Yippy.
    Not being use to the extra width of the cruiser mirrors I clipped a car (4WD) on my way to work this morning. I didn’t think much of it, checked my bike when I got to work not a scratch and no sign of paint. I then got a call from the cops saying did I hit a car, I said I clipped a car with my mirror. They said I should have stopped and that I did a little more than clip it. I guess I should have stoped I feel real bad now that I didn’t but I really didn’t think there was any damage. Oh well I have to wait now for the person to contact me.
    Also worried now that I’ll get a fine or something.

  2. where did you clip a car?
    ive done it once on the freeway but was going a little too quick to stop.
    just put the hand in the air to say sorry.

    how fast were you going to have caused any damage?
  3. About the worst charge would be failure to stop, and that would be tenuous (in my opinion).
    The plod will probably not get involved again. I would however be careful of "damage" claims by the driver. They could get a little "inflated"...
  4. i'd be wary of paying for any damage if all you did is clip mirrors until you checked the damage personally.
    I highly doubt you would have damaged the 4wd and their super mirrors.
  5. There was a collision. The rider in this case failed to stop and exchange details. There is a fine on it's way would be my guess. He is in "Victoria - A Fine State" after all ;)
  6. Thats funny as.
  7. I clipped the left hand side back door of the 4wd with my mirror, may have been doing 30km/h but not real sure. As I saw no damage or paint on my bike I wouldn't have thought there was any damage to the car.
    A little stressed about this now.
  8. Don't be. To charge you with failure to stop the other driver will have to be prepared to give evidence. The plod (probably) won't do all the paperwork if all is settled insurance wise.
  9. You maybe should have stopped then It sounded like you clipped mirrors not a door in your original post.
  10. I'd be stressing.

    If one of you lawless bastards clipped my car and failed to stop I'd be onto my insurance and the cops.

    Bloody riders!!!!!! :)
  11. I agree, I'd be ticked of too. I just feel bad now that I didn't think more of it.
    This is all I need, I just lost my daughter at 10½ months old this just adds to it all.
  12. Ok Wrxbox now that is bad news. I have never been there and never want to.
    If this goes further, pm me and we can swap contact details. I've done a few "insurance type" issues in my time.
  13. police man: did you hit a car this morning
    you: ummm don't think so... if i did i definately would have stopped.

    yeah i doubt anything would come out of it.
  14. That certainly shut everyone up, I don't think the two really compare. In my experience plod doesn't follow up on these matters, however the insurance company will.
  15. This is my first day back on the bike after about 3 months catching the train. My motivation to get back on the bike is so I can get home earlier to spend more valuable time with my other two kids. This has put me off a little but I’ll still be riding, just need to get my confidence back up. I guess this has just released all my emotions a little.
    Thanks for your replies.
  16. About 6-7 months ago I received a call from mr plod saying someone came in stating I clipped their car (it was the back as I was boxed in my some useless drivers and I did an evasive move to get out and clipped the back of the car with my hand on the throttle, that's it from what I knew) and had my numberplate. I told mr plod what I did and he asked how my hand was. It was normal as I hardly clipped the car. He also mentioned I should have stopped as I could be charged for leaving the scene, no details etc thing. He then said he was a bit puzzled on what to do next and he would ask his boss then call me the following business day or two. Still waiting for the follow up call. If I did hit the car, the damage must have been minimial due to it "only" hitting my glove, not any metal on my bike.

    Well, that's my contribution :wink:
  17. It's a fourwheel drive FFS!! it should have some scrathes on if they use it for what it was built for..... or was this a soccer mom style urban street tank with a kill bar??? They hate scratches.... and dirt??

    You'll b right mate, you wouldn't have done much damage
  18. you bloody twat if this was my car i would want the person to fix the damage done to it, regardless of what damage was done to it previously!!!!! not all people buy a 4wd do go scrub bashing in. have you ever thought that some people buy one to drive on the beach with and not to get dints/scratches??????
  19. dude you should have stopped. but doubtful the dmg is big if you have no paint whatsoever. make sure you thoroughly investigate. or maybe the owner only want an apology from you.. who knows
  20. If you reverse roles, and you were clipped (albeit very minorly) by a 4WD whilst you were on your motorcycle, I'm sure you'd want the driver of the 4WD to stop and to pay for any damage caused...in fact if the roles were reversed, I'm sure we would see this thread titled something like "Stupid 4WD hit me on the way to work" and then everyone would be bashing the 4WDrivers... :roll:

    To the OP, it's a bummer, I hope there wasn't too much damage caused, try not to let it adversley affect you, accidents happen, and there's no way to change the events now, so try not to stress about it! Good luck with it all! :wink: