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Clip on throttle assist

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by heffa, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know about plastic, clip on throttle assist leavers? I recently saw one, but cant track down where I can buy them.
    It was just a single piece of molded plastic that clips around the throttle grip, and sticks out under the heel of ur hand. Instead of gripping and tristing, u push push down with ur hand.

  2. I *think* PS is meant to stock them. I see them advertised in Two Wheels monthly.
  3. Thats the one!

    Cheers dude :D
  4. they look good for long hauls.

    ever riden a 4wheeler for extended periods? man my thumb gets sore.
    i need a 4wheeler accelerator rocker :)
  5. I had the opportunity to use one of these last week.
    Not over any great distance, just a little squirt, but I does seem to be helpful, as mentioned, the long haul is where you would get most benefit.
    I have put one on my list of "must haves"
  6. They are 'handy' - I used to make them for myself and friends. A potential business at one stage :) I don't use one now, but they are very useful for straight, constant speed, boring-type riding, especially where you lean on the bars a bit.
  7. I bought on at Peter Stevens on Elizabeth Street when I was down for the dinner; it DID make the right hand a little less stressed on the 963 km ride home. I'll use it again, for sure.
  8. Hi Heffa, I did a search and found this thread I posted a while back.

  9. Do these things cause any type of safety risk? Accidentally getting the throttle stuck open if you lean on it or something like that?
  10. I thought the same thing; you DO have to be aware that it's there, but apart from that..
  11. haha I guess it's like the cause of a lot of other accidents, the soft mushy bit between the handlebars and the seat is the problem.

    was thinking about getting one of these for the straight bits on the way to GOR, and the like. But just started thinking what would happen if you hit the twisties with this thing still clipped on. :shock:
  12. Nothing happens, you get used to it being there. I deliberately had mine loose and could easily flick it down if I didn't need it. If it stayed in place, meh...
  13. Hey joel is your 4 wheeler a lever type accelerator? if so we used to cut a bit of hose about 2 inches long and slide onto lever gives a lot better leverage and is easy to ride for ages we used to do it to all the 4 wheelers on the farm the 600's and 350's was a life saver and very cheap!!!

    Can get diffrent sized tubing\hose to fit the lever maybe try 4 or 5 inches lol 2 inches was a bit short
  14. You get used to using it.

    It took a couple of hours riding and some slight adjustments to riding style, but I don't even notice it on there now.

    It's great to be able to ride for longer than 10 minutes without having any pain in my wrist.