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Clip of a run up a mountain

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by GYTR_R1, May 12, 2006.

  1. Cool vid, great soundtrack. :)
  2. cool clip mate, great soundtrack too :)
  3. Nice...
    Prety crap road serface you were playing on. Really taking some chances with that...
  4. Yeah nice clip. Is the road surface as bad as it looks in that video?
  5. would have been a great video, shame you ruined it with the music...
  6. NICE... makes me wish I could go riding, instread of at a desk.
  7. Yeah, I hate being at my desk now too :LOL:
  8. The surface is sh!t... and as bad (if not worse) as it looks. As for taking chances... not really, the skippy's don't usually come out at that time of the day. It is narrower than it looks, and where the clip stops is about half way up. However that's what Ohlins was invented for :D
  9. Nice vid :grin:

    Cheers :cool:
  10. Nice vid.

    Have you increased the playback speed at all?
  11. Nice clip...

    Out of interest, what did you buy to get it to record of course other than the camera its self?
  12. Nice Vid

    Thx :grin:
  13. Nice vid, what state are you in?? :) I'd love to have a spin on that :)

    As for road surface, you vics are spoilt having the black spur :( but not having perfect road conditions make the ride more of a challenge :)
  14. No, that's 1:1 speed, and thanks :)

    The camera is a Sony Mini-DV camera, the pen-cam and mic is from helmetcameras, and I've hard wired it to the battery. It's mounted under the nose cone point on the R1. Thanks :)

    It's Qld, just south of Townsville. Both spurs are unbelievable...
  15. very cool, wish I could ride like that :(

  16. Me too.....

    Awesome run though..... I gotta mate he should go for a run with one day! :wink: :wink:
  17. NARROW road :shock:, but at least the growth at the sides enable you to 'sight' the next corner reasonably. I guess you also had the luxury of knowing that there was no-one coming the other way?

    Looks like great fun...
  18. In that particular run, no we didn't due to time constraints, hence keeping to my side of the road (unless there was clear vision prior to and through the corner). The usual approach is to scoot up, then down again, then really go for it if there was no traffic passed in either direction, and no cars in the car park at the top.

    Thje run can be done in under under 6 minutes with that method... it's 18km, and this clip is about 9 k's of the whole run.