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Clip from the weekend

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by gixxersrule, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. This link just send me to a page asking for choice download type, hit free and then it's asks for me to upload file, do you have another way?
  2. Once you hit Free, you have to wait a sec then a link will come up mate,usually takes a few seconds :wink:

    edit: You can try this link 2 mate: http://media.putfile.com/Spur-Run
  3. Choice, choice indeed.
  4. Awesome footage...respect to the rider. Very smooth through the corners...great lines, and quick pace.
  5. Thank you 8)
  6. Impressive stuff!! That was brilliant!! :wink:

    :D :D
  7. gonna have to grab the other bits to view one of the decent runs Pauly :)

    that was only the 1st run, i think you had a better one further along the tape.
  8. Yeah mate,for sure,got caught up by cars at some of my fav places :(

    Kiss the future,Lids + Midnight: Thanks!Wait till ya see some of the better runs! :D
  9. That's the Black spur coming back from Marysville to Healesville? Sorry, don't know these roads well enough.
  10. Hey gixxersrule, I look forward to seeing more clips. :)

    I'm a changed woman, I wanna ride like that!! Bloody awesome stuff!! lol!! :wink:

    :D :D
  11. nice one mate, when are you making a ghostrider movie?
    i think that is me going in the other direction at the 3:00 minute mark!
  12. lol urm,shoulda changed the name of the clip,no point broadcasting the place on a public forum ,doh :LOL:

    lol :LOL: glad ya enjoyed it Lids :D i can give ya some tips on riding anytime ya want, it mainly comes down to practice and knowing the road though :wink:

    lol thanks bloke :D prolly is you too :LOL:
  13. /me wants to upgrade now
  14. Thats great stuff, bloody thing wouldn't work on my mac, but the pc was just fine. Good Stuff
  15. noice, waiting for the backwards vid though :)
  16. Kick ass clip paul!!!! The K5 loves the road nearly as much as you by the looks of things.
  17. Stunning , absouloutley stunning .
    loved the wheelie past the 2 cars 8) 8) 8) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    how about next time you do it all on the rear wheel :D :wink: :D