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Cling Wrap

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by es, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. I fcuking hate the stuff!!!
    Just tried to cling wrap a bowl to take it to work tomorrow, took 3 tries!

    I used to blame my parents, they hated clingwrap and refused to buy it so I just never aquired the cling "w/rap" skill... but recently Ive heard that others struggle with the sticky bastard too.

    I was just wondering if this group of aussie battlers were real or just a mean rumor, like how kishy is 7"2, or that Vic actually has a bike.

    So are you a cling wrap king/queen, or a battler?
    if you are a champion w/rapper, got any tips for me?? Im sick of wasting this plastic crap!

    I did consider buying zip lock sandwich bags, is this the only way to master the wrapping beast or do you have other ideas?
  2. Someone needs to invent some paper backed clingwrap for those with clingwrap "issues". Wrap and peel baby, wrap and peel.... :)

    (I can't do the sh!t either)

  3. Devil's invention. :evil:
  4. Think, coccoon. Everything must be wrapped, not covered. Mummify stuff with it, otherwise it doesnt work.
  5. That shit pisses me off bigtime, everytime I use it I end up screwing it up and throwing the box across the room :LOL: .
    Now i just get my mum to wrap all my food :LOL:
  6. just use duct tape :LOL:
  7. OK, so clingwarp works great with some materials, and not so well with others.

    It works brilliantly with glass bowls, and polished stainless steel. It's not too bad with shiny plastic, but terrible on textured plastics or timber bowls.

    Some tips are to moisten the sides of the bowl with a damp sponge. The water will help the cling wrap stick. The other tip is to try and stretch it as you apply it. The tension developed by it trying to return to it's original shap helps it adhere.

    If all else fails, simply envelope the bowl or container in cling wrap so it comes right around and over itself again. It sticks to itself really well.

    ...yep, I'm a cling wrap king. I used to be a Pastry Chef in another life. I've probably used enough cling wrap in kitchens to go right around Australia. :LOL:

  8. be still cat....

    bwahahahahhahahahaa :LOL:
  9. tips - fire is good to get it off, and gives your sandwhiches that brilliant brown effect
  10. PMSL :LOL: :LOL: :applause: Priceless!!
  11. I struggle with the stuff and usually end up throwing it at something/someone in a fit of rage so i just avoid it. I definately reckon the good brand stuff is easier to use though.

    Best bet buy some cheap sealable containers... They aint expensive and you can use em forever :)
  12. I find it very useful, albeit hard to use! Useful in that it enables me to stores leftovers in the fridge for two weeks before I throw them out. If not for gladwrap I would throw said leftovers out immediately!
  13. Your right, it is hard to master, Have you noticed though, when you get sandwiches from a shop wrapped in it. Be stuffed if you can find the end to get it off, sticks like sh#t to a blanket hey.
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  15. my tip is

    order chinese take away

    and just get like one of the buffet things

    you pretty much get all the tupperwear you ever need for the rest of your life!
  16. you can buy these plastic cutter that cuts the wrapping
    you can buy it in safeways, coles and any good hardware place
    the cutter parts sits where you usually cut the wrapping and slides left to right
    it makes things alot easier
  17. I am the cling wrap master. Next time i come down to visit i will take you under my wing little one and show you the ways of the force. Cling wrap is not to be feared but embraced my friend, it feeds off your fear.

    But honestly it is a piece of piss, it's all technique!!
  18. i have to use it every 2 minutes at work so im ze king of ze plastique !

    if you dont have one of the cutters you stick onto your clingwrap box (they got lost in commercial kitchens)

    take the roll out of the box, and when you wrap/cover pull about 3 inches off and put it on one side of what your wrapping/covering, pull (while loose in your hand to allow for turning ... duh) upwards and across. then go down, while holding it firmly push your thumb through the plastic and pull the roll away from the item your wrapping/covering it will tear away. push against the item, make it neat and tidy. there you go.

    where as if you pull a sheet of it off and try and put it on in massive lengths it'll just tangle and twist.

    i.d.g.a.f ....... clingwrap king ! :LOL:
  19. :LOL: The Tupperware Creed !!! :LOL:

    Yeah, eswen, get some tupperware containers and forget the whole disposable conspiracy, you know they make it hard to use so you have to buy more.......
  20. Cling Wrap...amateur :LOL:

    Tupperware - microwave safe, has a lid, durable...