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Climbing back on the bike...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sk11tz, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm from Sydney, and have recently decided to get back into biking after about a year or so after selling my first 250 learner's bike.

    Picked up a 2005 model zx6r the other night, and its bloody awesome.

    I'm pretty noob when it comes to bikes, so I'll probably be on these forums a bit with all my issues!

    Here's a pic of the bike. It's completely stock at the moment - what to do next~!

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  2. Very nice bike mate, looks great. That's the 636 yeah?
  3. nice and in fast red..
  4. Looks awesome, have fun.
  5. That red is sexy, needs some more gold :)
  6. Nice bike!
  7. Late 05?
    They are a really nice bike. Road bike.
    Handling wise they don't take to the track that well standard. Still a lot of fun but a bit naughty and that slows them down a little.
    Biggest faults are headshake under power. Maily when the front wheel is about 1 to 2cm off the ground, and rear tramp. (rear wheel hopping under hard braking) The slipper clutch they use standard sucks.
    I put a bit more gold bling on mine. Bar ends, sprockets and chain. The steering damper.
    The yoshi pipes probably the best value. I had a titanium Micron system on mine and it was sweet. Sounded so nice.
    Ground clearence is not bad on them and I found the Pirelli Rosso corsa's to work well on the road with the bike. Milage + grip.
  8. I just can't get used to Kawasaki sports bikes that aren't green :LOL:
  9. Yeah, mine's a late model 04 model. Definately need an exhaust on this thing, it sounds just like my stock 250R used to!!

    Anyone know where I can get a cheap exhaust from? Most shops want over $500, with it being a little cheaper from overseas. Do 2nd hand exhausts for this bike come up often on this forum, and if so, what sort of price do they go for?

    Bike's got Dunlop Sportmax tyres at the moment, with sufficient tread. No need to change to 'grippier' tyres as I'm no trackstar (yet). For now, I'm pretty happy to just be able to hold on up to 15,000rpm! 8-[