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Climate madness - will the idiocy never stop ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. They want to EDIT simulate volcanic ( edited -manipulate volcanoes) to cause eruptions and fill the skies with all sorts of matter to deflect the heat of the sun

    These scientists should have studied a different degree in UNI -- if all they can do is come up with ideas on how to basically kill us all in the name of "climate change" so they can keep their jobs

    Lets see, this would cause a drop in sunlight which of course means less photosynthesis of plants which means a drop in agricultural food production, a drop in livestock numbers as less plant life to feed them.

    A drop on plant life means less co2 is being converted back to oxygen for people which leads to a rise in carbon dioxide not a fall as they claim.

    Now the last time I saw the climate/environment movement get it right was in the 80's concerning rainforests around the equator which any primary school kid can tell you the forests are the earth's lungs ( well thats what they taught us when i was a kid - now they teach them the religion of Gaia and that Al Gore is smarter than their parents )

    Speaking of Al Gore he seems really quite now after climate gate scandal

    Bring back Denis Leary to sing "I'm still an Asshole" to rebuke the environment mad scientists.


    P>S -- its all the fault of the cyclists
  2. Did you actually read the article???
  3. Yes - perhaps our interpretations of it are but different
  4. No -- but what I wrote is incorrectly expressed - still a stupid idea though simulated or manipulated -- lets block out the sun monty burns style

    edited --- happy NOW ?
  5. And where does it say lets dash out and do it, It's a discussion piece... That's the problem when you take you're information from The The Telegraph...
  6. Why? so they can have no clue what they are on about. It is a discussion piece. A theoretical paper, designed to raise questions about how/why things happen. Where does it say lets go do this tuesday?

    You do realise that the majority of discoverys are found when researching something else. You know.... along the way, a greater understanding and such. It also says OTHER ways they want to research. But that wont sell papers now.... will it?

    point and case! I think someone who spent several years at UNI would have a greater understanding of how things work! Do you seriously think the way our enviroment works is that simple?!?!
  7. Weather Bureau Report (Be sure to read the last paragraph).

    US Weather Bureau Report:

    The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing
    scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot,
    according to a report to the U.S. Commerce Department yesterday from Consul Ifft, at Bergen, Norway

    Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers, he declared, all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures
    in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report
    that scarcely any ice has been met with as far north as 81 degrees 29
    minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth
    and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the
    eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts, which have never
    before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal
    fishing grounds.

    Im sorry, I neglected to mention that this report was from November 2, 1922 as reported by the AP and published in The Washington Post.

  8. Wow - that proves without a doubt that climate change is a crock and the climate scientists are a bunch of numpties just out to line their pockets.
  9. The Vikings grew vegetables in the ground in Iceland for 300 years, then suddenly stopped,
    When the Ice came back,
    That was 900 years ago, It Must have been the billions of wild animals in herds that caused the global warming back then, to allow the Vikings to grow their veggies in Iceland.
    Its only in the last 2 to 300 years that man has decimated these huge herds of Bison, wildebeast, Elephants, Deer, Whales and a multitude of other animals, That should have stopped global warming, Man, thats a lot of farts, (Methane gas)
    The current worlds domestic captive population of animals For food, would not come any where near the mind boggling amount of wild animals roaming across the globe 300 odd years ago.
  10. Climate change or not, the Earth only has a finite amount of non-renewable resources. (The ones that generally produce carbon emissions.) While there is still money to be made from these, people will continue to lobby to sell them. Once this no longer becomes profitable, more Earth-friendly means of energy production will be used. I read somewhere that it would only take a 10 square kilometre solar field to provide 100% of Australia's energy needs. Can someone verify this? I would have thought it would be much more..

    All in all, I'm not too worried about the whole thing.
  11. I am glad you at least had the presence of mind to have "thought" about it.

    That would supply 100% of the energy needs of a fairly large town.

  12. New South Wales and Victoria have desal plants costing some 5 Billion dollars.
    They could have put a pipeline to the Ord river dam Nrth Western Australia for that amount.
    Every 3 months, Australia's entire usage of water goes down the river into the ocean and gets wasted,
    Current Contents of the Ord river dam, 1000 mega litres for every person on the face of the globe, 6 Billion people,
    From bone dry empty, every year in the Monsoon, It takes 4 days to have this dam full and over flowing and severe flooding down stream.
    They could have built this pipe line in the same time as a Desal plant. and once up and running, cost would be near zero. Drought proofing Australia,
    What about Electrical Generaters for the tides, EG: Entrance to Port Phillip Bay, Entrance to Sydney Harbour, Once up and running, Cost to maintain, Very little,
    Polititions only care for now, just to be re elected, They can not think for the long term future of Australia. Such a pity.
  13. If I wasn't a part of the design team i'd be one of the people picketing against it... I'm a shadow of my former environmental self. My cycling to work has been for nothing!
  14. The most hi-tech solar cells are about 80% efficient. they could supply a lot more energy than just the needs of a large town. They are V. expensive though. the 10 sq km field talked about was probably theoretical if our cells were 100% efficient.
  15. http://www.solarpay.com.au/how-many-solar-panels-are-needed-to-power-the-globe.html

    Check that out. The comment says that 50sqkm are needed for Australia @ 35% efficiency. I'm looking for the NREL source at the moment.


    Numbers aside, it certainly is an interesting concept. As I said, I'm not too worried about it. I think it most certainly is achievable. We just need to wait until it becomes cheaper to do than digging T-rex and his buddies out of the ground and burning them.
  16. any one here have knowledge of geothermal ?
  17. Who says non-renewable resources are non-renewable? How did they get there? Why are they finite?
  18. I don't quite understand what you mean Joel. My limited understanding of the fossilisation process leads me to believe that it takes millions of years for ancient vegetation to become suitable for use as coal. Correct? Although nobody really knows whether or not we have reached peak coal (or oil) or will in the near future, surely we must be using it faster than it is being created (therefore being finite)! And anyway, it's not the fact that there is simply coal around. As it becomes more scarce, it becomes more expensive; to find, transport and use. Once it becomes an overly expensive to produce energy, other means will be found.