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Clicking noise CBR250RR (Any help is good help)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by LiLEd, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Ok guys after 5 months i think i have a problem. I ride a CBR 250 RR and i have noticed that when pull up to the lights if i snap at the front brakes i get a clicking noise from the front of the bike. Sounds like the area of right hand brake lever but lower towards the forks. i can make it make the nosie by pushing up and down on it really hard. it sounds like there is something lose or worn cause something to move inside something else. I know that might not make sense but had anyone got any ideas?

    Is it forks? or the bit the holds both forks together? forgot what thats called.

    Cheers guys

  2. Err, I ride a cbr250rr, n it seems like it makes some wierd noises at times, and thats not one of them. If I were you i'd get it checked out. Is it just before you stop, or the whole time your braking?
  3. :-O)

    Just before i stop it will make the noise. like something clicks in then out agian. Only on heavy braking never when its slow only when its rapid. or when trying to wipe off alot of speed.
  4. I'll try tomorow and see if i notice anything for ya
  5. From what you have discribed, it sounds like the steering head bearing is too loose. I had the same sounds/problem on my transalp, got the bearing adjusted and the clicking noise went. Just be sure you don't over tighten the bearing.

    hope that helps,
  6. Yep, sounds like steering head bearing. Should be able to replicate it by pushing down hard on the bars with the front brake on, or 'snatching' at the front brake at very low speeds when about to stop (just be careful you dont fall off!!) :shock:
  7. Steering Head

    Hey guys thanks for the help turns out the steering head was lose all fixed now. YAY now im almost ready to track day it. :eek:)
  8. Hey, Glad you fixed it, I was going to say head stem... but mine was shagged altogether and making aknocking noise on hard breaking.... Track it eh? Same as i'd love to do.... ;)