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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ironcannibal, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. "Exceeds your quota by 8.1 KB. Click here to view your attachments"

    dafark dude? da fark?
  2. s'all good, i didnt mean to create a thread about this but i couldnt upload anything because i maxed out, had to delete some things from previous posts
    sorry folks move along nothing to see here
  3. some things from previous posts? :-s

    wait... we have a quota overall??? that makes no sense.
  4. there is a limit on how much data each user can post, i exceeded that limit, i know wierd
    anyway i had to go and delete some stuff i post ages ago so, all good
  5. yeah, and i'm saying that that doesn't sound right...
  6. Which is why it is always better to place images on external photo servers, and reference them. Now all your old threads won't make sense, with the images missing.

    That is a pity with all the photoshopping you do.
  7. im amazed anything i do on here make senses, i work nights and drink heaps so not only am i sheetfaced but hella tired, how do i do the photo external referance no makey sencey?
  8. "place images on external photo servers, and reference them" that part
    how to?
  9. put your pics on something like picasa (google photo website thingy)

    then right click and "copy image address"

    then on these posts, there's a little box with mountains and a sun at the top bar (where you can find bold, underline, italics etc), click on that and then paste the image address that you copied, annnnd.... done :D
  10. cool, i can do that fanks