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Clever Personalised Plates

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cookeetree, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. I had a bit of a chuckle on my way to work this morning. Driving down the highway, I came up behind a Plumber's ute. Nothing real special about it, until I saw the number plate.

    It read: POOIE

    So, what clever plate have you seen? Was it a combo of numbers and letters, or all letters?
  2. I've seen this sporty little blue car twice now. The plate reads FAT COW.

    The first time I couldn't see who was driving. The second time I went up alongside for a look, to see if it was a fat cow, and it was a young, skinny Asian kid, with another young, skinny Asian kid in the passenger seat. Both blokes.

  3. i haven't seen these cars around lately (hopefully this means that their numberplates might be for sale!)

    one was WAIT-UP and the other TOW-ME

  4. I saw one that wasn't so clever.

    I sped up to see how good looking this BIGAL was but alas it was BIG AL not a Bi GAL :(

    And the other that didn't give it much thought was SAM he decided that because SAM1 was taken he would get SAMONE

    I did see a rice cooker that had the plate KINEZO on it. I sped up and sure as eggs, it was a KINEZO driving it. (kinezo is Greek for Asian)

    Tools :)
  5. LOL! :LOL:
  6. Best i have seen for a bike, my mates '04 1000rr - W007 - Absolute classic.
  7. On a Lada Niva I saw a few years ago..... PAID 04

    An irony not lost on the divers of those oversized, lard-arsed Patrols and 'Cruisers following behind him I'm betting....... :LOL:
  8. :oops: :? :shock: :oops:
  9. i saw TOOLSX out the back of healsvile was going to agree with them when i realised that they were driving an SX and had a huge Tool sticker on the back window... think before buy...
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    Great plate. I loved that ad. :grin:
  12. Vic, you could always have BI VIC as your numberplate
  13. Not a personalized plate, but I saw BOX 469 once. Loved it.
  14. Saw a bike with the number plate with something like HOTSTF :jerk:
  15. Chick in a Merc had the plates Wazhis
  16. MAD COW was out my way - funny thing was that the plate would have cost more than the car by the look of it.
  17. my co-worker and I saw a little ricecooker on Collins yesterday with the rego Ching
    yup had asians driving it
    since my co-worker is asian she thought it was ace and was upset someone else had it
  18. Cookee, have you not seen FIGJAM?? On a black coupe on the northside... yep a tool driving it!

    And the Stefan hairdresser in her BMW with 'CARE' on her stefan prestige plate

    Mate has DEV17 on his Monaro
  19. As a Ducati owner I can say that it will take something pretty darn good to top Mickyb's DE5MO plate.
  20. What about the real DESMO plate? :p

    I recon my plate is pretty clever....... well........ at least you know its me :LOL: