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Clearwater Caravan Park – Tintaldra

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Bubba CBR, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. It's on March 25th to 27th staying at Tintaldra with our hosts Rick and Ailsa at the caravan park as a base both nights so as not having to carry our gear for the Saturday ride through the snowies (route to be decided)then back to the park for a fantastic spit roast and drinks and openfire if required

    Cost of 2 nights accommadation Dinner, Bed and Breakfast $110 inclusive
    Soft drinks (coke and Lemonade supplied Byo spirits or purchase at the Pub accross the Paddock

    Melbourne crew will be meeting at Rowville 8.00am traveling via Noojee to Moe to meet up with Gippy Crew then onto Hotham Towonga and Tintaldra

    There will be the usual suspects, a friendly bunch

    All Welcome come and have some FUN\\:D/\\:D/\\:D/

    So far on the list we have

    Ree & Crowey
    Karl & Kimmie & Leonie
    Jeimbo & Faye
    Very Ugly Boxer & Mrs Very Ugly Boxer
    Mtj57 (for the ride only - arranging own accomodation)
  2. Thanks Bubba. Looking forward to it \\:D/
    Let me know when you want the funds transferred.

    YAY !!!
  3. Yay, I enjoy this trip so much. Great riding and excellent peoples.

    I might even bring the fishing rod this year??? BBQ fish for dinner..oh yeah
  4. Bubba,

    Can you please add to the list Indigoid (John) he will be coming down with Karl & I.

  5. will put down as a maybe at this stage, have to organize a place to live, get leathers and a bike... but hey :p
  6. Hey Bubba,

    Can you please also add Leonie (friend of ours) to the list.
    This will be her first Road Trip and on her new bike Horny 900.
    We'll be riding down with her.

    Thanks Kimmie

    p.s ARE WE THERE YET ?????
  7. not long to go Kimmie before we are there. Fishing rod already dusted off ready to try and catch me a big fat fishy for the bbq.
  8. Does anyone know if any of the cells at the pub have been booked out? I might give Maija a call on Monday and see if I can tentatively book a room.

    I won't know if I'm going til closer to lunchtime on the Saturday. If so, then that means I would get to Tintaldra around tea-time.

    If you're organising a BBQ tea for the Sat night, let me know how much I'm up for. Tintaldra doesn't have EFT-POS or credit facilities so I need to ensure that I have enough cash on me to pay for it.

    Ree, I'll SMS you or Crowey on the Saturday to let you know what I'm doing. OK?
  9. hope that you can make it Marty. Always a pleasure to catch up with you. Crowey is most likely your best bet as he will have mobile service for sure. Mine is with 3 so can be a tad iffy.
  10. OK, thanks Ree. Yeah, a 3 supplied phone generally relies on Telstra's 2G GSM network when roaming, so coverage up there will be patchy.
  11. I'm gonna have to give this a miss :( things keep piling up for the weekend, bit annoying! I kind of have bad luck on this ride anyway :rofl:

    Have a blast all, make sure there's plenty of photos! Been to the last 3 of these, will be sad to miss it :(
  12. Maybe I should take your place instead? We look so much alike I doubt anyone would notice. :-s
  13. I know! Apart from the 50 year gap we're practically twins! :cheeky:
  14. Ive been on 3 of these, Terrific ride, Grouse people, No licence, so I will miss this one,
    Have a good ride peeps, Might see you next year,
  15. If Seph's not going, I'm not either!

    Actually I can't go on this one anymore either :( I have been to all of these so a shame to be missing out, but sometimes life just takes over!

    Have fun all and I look forward to hearing the stories... remember... what goes on tour goes straight on the forums!!!

  16. WHAT? NO !!!! I can't believe it.
    Well it just won't be the same without you Mellie. Karl is going to be devastated when I tell him.

    Guess I'll just have to have A drink in your memory then..he he

    Only 17 days to go..YAY
  17. you only really needed the first line there :p

    i reckon we'll both have to make a return next year though, not fair on everyone else otherwise \\:D/
  18. what's going on. No Mel, no Seph, this is outrageous.

    we will just have to make paper cut outs of Mel and Seph. Kimmie, looks like we have some drinking to do.
  19. Well thats it if Seph and Mel aren't going neither am I

    Well that not quite the truth Catherine is having an operation 2 days before this ride and I have benn warned that if I like my balls where they are then I should be here to look after her when she gets out on Thursday before the ride so I guess you guys will be doing a lot of drinking for the missing riders cheers guys have a great,safe ride Bubba
  20. Wholley suffering duck shit batman, they're dropping like flies.

    Hope it's nothing to serious Daddy with Mum. Give her our best.
    Damn, for a non-drinker I better be packing the barocca and any other cures that might help the infliction that appears to be heading my way...yikes!

    Daddy, can you please update the attendees list in first post