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Clearly this guy is a CUB (cashed up bogan) !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, May 15, 2008.

  1. Driving to work this morning, the rumble of a small-block Chev V8 caught my attention while going over the Anzac bridge. I thought for a second - Rocket IIIs don't sound like that, then it dawned on me that this was the real deal !

    A BOSS HOSS !!! :shock:
    The fog draped over the Sydney skyline this morning ruined the photo a bit - but made a good post-apocalyptic like background for this beast of a bike. :eek:



    Just have a look at the size of the rear tyre and NOS bottles, plate number - CHEV8 !!! :eek:

    This bike is just WRONG !!, the ultimate symbol for the ever increasing number of CUBs going around Sydney ! :LOL:

  2. Sex with a hot looking tranny is also wrong, but you only have to wander so far wrong before it starts feeling oh so right... :p
  3. Looks comfortable to sit on :roll: What a hunk of shit, really. Considering NOS is illegal for street use, i wouldn't be flashing it around like that either.
  4. I'm just amazed the rider can actually see anything past the tacho.
  5. These things have a 2-Speed semi automatic transmission !!
    Yes !! . . 2-Speed !, the second gear is override ! :shock:

    You might as well be asking for the baby Seal fur seat cover and White Rhino hide leathers when optioning one of these !!
  6. Not even going to ask................. :?
  7. I thought as much.
    I'm surprised it doesn't have a big wing on the back and a fake plastic airscoop on the fuel tank as well.
  8. I followed one around a racetrack for a lap, watching him grind his $55,000 bike and $20,000 paint job away around the corners, and then smoke the bejesus out of it whenever it straightened up. I swear he went for about 400m at one point without a shred of traction to the rear wheel.
  9. haha thats awesome :LOL:
    i wouldnt want try splitting across the ANZAC in peak hour with those bars and 3 tonnes of iron between my legs. ill stick to my storm thanks
  10. I luuuurrve stuff that does that :grin: .

    Back in the UK I used to go to events like this:


    mainly to watch the Napier Bentley hurtle up the straights pointing at 45 degrees to its direction of travel :grin: .
  11. Can I say something, with all due respect?

    If you have something to say, then you should have stopped the rider and called him a BOGAN to his face, rather than sit behind your comfortable computer and badmouth him to the world.

    I don't like the bike either, but I respect others' choices.
  12. You say that like being a Bogan is a bad thing. :?
  13. With all due respect, your in a cage driving to work and you call him a bogan!!!! :wink: :)
  14. These days being a bogan isn't the social suicide it once was.

    Hell, most people who know me would probably pick 'bogan' as a defining feature. I've got the flannies, the cheap uggboots, the dogs and a shed bigger than my house and when I smoke, I smoke winnie blues :cool: :LOL: . I'm missing the 'cashes-up' bit but am working on it :grin: .

    The people who denegrate others who are a bit working class in their approach are generally the same wankers that other people look upon as scrabbling social leeches that consider owning 318i a status symbol of a person on the rise....but I've heard the saying that shit always floats to the top :wink:
  15. So the fact that Micky has a car and a job makes him a bogan? Gee, I'd better sell my car and get on the dole - I want to be part of high society!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. You cant fool me, you ride an Aprilla Tuono, you cant be a bogan, not even if you stuff those Winnie blues in the sleeve of your tight black t shirt :)
  17. what size engine is in these bad boys?
  18. 'Ere, you're not my long lost twin brother are you? :LOL: